Our Team

A small team of staff manage the programs, operations and communications at The Edge, under the leadership of Daniel Flood and Annika Shelley. This team is also joined by Catalysts and Residents, who are specialists in their field.


Daniel Flood

Creative Manager

Daniel Flood Creative Manager The Edge

Daniel brings to The Edge team extensive experience in community arts and creative technology engagement from working with organisations such as Artful Dodger Studios, Visonary Images and Frankston City Council. In Brisbane Daniel has spent time working with the youth of Queensland through Backbone Youth Arts, La Boite Theatre Company and the Brisbane City Council.

As Creative Manager, Daniel is The Edge’s programming shaman and plans and oversees all of our public engagements and offerings. He enjoys the opportunity to engage with diverse communities at The Edge, and likes taking complex concepts and figuring out how to teach them in simplified, experiential ways.

Mick Byrne

Program Coordinator

Mick Byrne Program Coordinator

Mick’s been a familiar face in the Queensland youth arts scene for the better part of 15 years and loves having the opportunity to collaborate with and mentor young creatives, or as he puts it, “live vicariously through their work”. During his time in the youth arts sector, Mick has worked with groups such as Speakout/Human Ventures, Youth Arts Queensland and Access Arts Inc, where he was spotted by The Edge.

Mick bring ideas to fruition at The Edge. He really jumps at the chance to get his hands dirty; cutting up MDF in a workshop or testing power tools before they hit the shelves. Mick is also involved in mentoring and supervising The Edge’s programming interns.

Phil Gullberg

Program Support Officer

Phil Gullberg Program Support Officer The Edge

Phil has travelled a long way to call Brisbane home. Hailing from Germany with a childhood in Sweden and Saudi Arabia, he not only brings with him a tongue of many languages (and a past life as an interpreter – true story) but a background in web development, a degree in games design and qualifications from Hyper Island. When he’s not devouring all things art, science and technology, you’ll find him playing soulful tunes on his guitar, pumping iron at the gym, or playing the Binding of Isaac.

At The Edge, Phil puts his passions and skills into the role of Programs Support Officer, which includes anything and everything from modifying and testing Nerf guns (to achieve ultimate trajectory, of course!), to planning workshops and balancing budgets. But, this is not Phil’s first encounter with The Edge, we were lucky enough to have Phil join us in 2012 as a gaming resident, and then in 2013 in our VSO team.


Annika Shelley

General Manager

Annika Shelley General Manager The Edge

Annika’s professional background in psychology and precinct operations makes her a formidable force to contend with: no one else could analyse your budget and personality simultaneously! With the mix f crazy creative personalities at The Edge, we’re sure these powers will be exercised regularly. Wandering spaces at The Edge with a violin case under one arm, she is not only interested in finances or venue operations; she will (on special request only) bow the No.12: Allegro con fuoco in C minor for you and selected special guests.

Sally McHugh

Venue and Visitor Services Coordinator

Sally McHugh Visitor Services Coordinator The Edge
Sally has an impressive resumé which has seen her work at the Tate Modern in London, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne and most recently at the State Archives, where she worked as a Project Officer to build digital archives.

Sally looks after The Edge’s external affairs, working with venue hire clients and supervising our Visitor Services Officers (the lovely people who greet you at the front desk). Sally most enjoys being able to interact one-on-one with the individuals who come in and are inspired by The Edge.

Jaia Conte

Events and Technical Coordinator

Jaia Conte Events and Technical Coordinator
Music, Jaia’s first love, drew him into a production career. He has worked on national arts festivals and other large scale events in theatre, moving image and corporate audio-visual production. Jaia found his niche in jazz and electronic music, performing when he finds the time. He also likes to be king of the kitchen and has a passion for slow food cooking.

Using his super production skills, Jaia leads the team to ensure we meet the technological and logistical requirements of events at The Edge. He also looks after our technical production staff, facilities, IT and infrastructure.

Ben Carr

Events and Technical Officer

Ben Carr Events and Technical Officer

Ben used to be a journalist in outback NSW, but 10 years on and a beer-gut later he’s found himself working at The Edge doing a range of ‘tech’ things. With an interest in documentary film making, he plans to borrow money from friends and family for the rest of his life. Outside of this Ben has worked as a workshop facilitator and as a camera operator, director, producer and runner on many unmemorable short films.

Ben works in the operations team, making sure the right things are in the right place at the right time and can be seen setting up for The Edge’s programs while also ordering and maintaining technical equipment.

Dana Mam

Administration and Finance Officer

Dana Mam Administration and Finance Officer The Edge

Although she’s clocked up many hours in shoe stores, Dana has still spent more time in Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct, where she’s worked for the last eight and a half years. Before her role at The Edge, Dana worked her magic with the Literacy and Young Peoples Service at State Library of Queensland and with the Projects and Events team at the Queensland Art Gallery.

At The Edge, Dana perseveres to keep everyone and everything organised (it’s a big ask). Day to day she can be found taking care of ordering, filing, booking and most importantly, making sure that everyone gets paid.


Olivia Muir

Communications Manager

Olivia Muir Communications Manager The Edge

Olivia finds it difficult to write about herself (especially in third person), but as the Communications Manager, and the crafter of words, there comes a time when it has to be done. With a checkered career (that is not meant to sound suspicious but interesting!) Olivia took a 10 year detour into Real Estate, finished one degree, started a Masters, and spent a long chapter in marketing, events and programming; with her final move coming across from the Queensland Museum. As a lover of coffee, a (self-awarded) master in the kitchen, and someone that is continually smiling, if she wasn’t communicating for a living, she’d be baking or singing in a band.

As Communications Manager, Olivia looks after everything (well almost) that you see and read online and in print, and is on a mission to share with the world the incredible creations and community projects that bubble away at The Edge.

Talia Yat

Digital Designer

Talia Yat Digital Designer The Edge

Talia is a crafter of all things visual. With qualifications in design and IT plus a background working in Brisbane design agencies; she knows her way around print, web and everything in between. When she’s not following the form follows function philosophy, you’ll catch her on her skateboard (actually, we’ve seen her in action and you’d have to run!), taking and sharing snaps on her camera, or creating music on her guitar.

We’re happy Talia isn’t off travelling the world yet, because at The Edge, she is our magic wand. With her masterful ways of visual communication she’s responsible for designing all our collateral, campaigns and keeping edgeqld.org.au in tip-top shape. Without Talia we’d all be living in a world of Comic Sans.

Sarah Briggs

Image Library Support Officer

Sarah Briggs Image Library Support Officer The Edge

Sarah is our master desktop publisher. With a background in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design she has previously worked in a video media agency and volunteered at the Brisbane Writers Festival. As an adventure seeker, food lover (hello Max Brenner!) and K9 mother of two, when Sarah’s feet aren’t firmly planted in Brisbane, she’s dreaming of Paris.

In her role as Image Library Support Officer, Sarah keeps the memories of The Edge alive as she sources and digitises images for our Image Library. She is passionate about sustaining our database, whether it’s through contemporary and modern day portraits, or old archives.


Andrei Maberly

Outreach Catalyst

Andrei Maberley Outreach Catalyst The Edge

Andrei is an old face here at The Edge, having previously worked with the team as our Sound Catalyst in 2011. With an extensive history in music and sound production, Andrei has worked on television shows for Channel 9 and ABC, as well as overseas programs. He’s also worked on albums with artists like Operator Please! and Alanis Morissette.

Now, returning to The Edge as an Outreach Catalyst here at The Edge, Andrei works to ensure the programs of The Edge aren’t confined to our South Bank building. This mandate sees him travelling around our wonderful state, leaving rebuilt computers, DIY robots and smiling faces in his wake.

Peter Musk

Science Catalyst

Peter Musk Science Catalyst

Dr Peter Musk has many tales to tell, with degrees in Botany and Biochemistry, countless years in research and a PhD in Biochemistry he brings more than framed certificates to The Edge. From men in white lab coats to building houses, driving taxis, playing in a band, travelling and living all over the world and educating the leaders of tomorrow, Peter has now (in his words) saved the best job for last!

Joining The Edge as a Science Catalyst, Peter ‘plays’ with science, bringing wild ideas (like growing a chair from mushroom fungi) to life. Most days you will catch the doctor in his lab – experimenting, testing and creating.

Visitor Services Officers

Visitor Services Officers

The Edge’s Visitor Services Officers (VSOs) are the friendly and highly organised face of The Edge, that look after the day to day operations to ensure you have a rewarding experience. Say hi to a VSO on your next visit, or quiz them about what goes on at The Edge. You’ll find them behind the front desk.