AUXILIARY Design School

Operating within The Edge’s newly opened Fabrication Lab, AUXILIARY Design School is a new independent product design offering that educates and engages emerging designers with industry. Built on a unique experiential learning framework, AUXILIARY is more educational agency than university, more studio than class room and more factory workshop than clean room. With state of the art facilities such as 3D printers, CNC machines and laser cutters, as well as hand tools, computer stations and desks for sketching and model making, the Fabrication Lab is the perfect environment from which to deliver the AUXILIARY programme.

The 14 week programme exposes students to AUXILIARY’s extensive design, manufacturing and corporate network, allowing them to produce design projects using industry leading strategy, practice, process, tools and techniques. Rigorous foundational skills not only ground projects in reality but potentially lead them into further commercial development and production by industry sponsors. For the inaugural 2015 AUXILIARY programme this industry sponsor is Sunbeam Australia.

AUXILIARY’s co-founders Neil Davidson, Leon Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Yip, and Leo Yip share a background and ongoing practice of industrial design, with a combined 40+ years of rigorous experience. While diverse in roles, experiences, clients, companies and global locations, the AUXILIARY team converge at one key point: a deep respect for the importance of a practical, grounded design education and experience. This comes from the belief that design is not a noun – it is not something to be only studied, memorised and analysed via lectured content – rather it is a verb, something that can only be learned from doing.