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Sound Extrusions: Let’s Get Started!

Let me introduce you to the sound residency project at the Edge — the project is called Sound Extrusions and is about creating organic and living sonic elements within The Edge itself. What does this mean? Basically it’s a multichannel sound installation with custom made porcelain speakers. Once it’s up and running it will deliver natural ambient sounds. The actual sounds will be synced to selected natural phenomena through realtime online data flow. We will dive into the details shortly and I will take you through the creative and assembly process in the blog posts to follow. Expect an exciting trip, so please buckle up!

As for the start, expect blog posts in three diverse fields such as: porcelain design, sound design & music technology. There’s also a plan to throw in a workshop on multichannel audio installation setups featuring online lecture entry with Hans Tammen from HarvestWorks in NYC, later on.

In the porcelain design posts I will introduce you to the basic workflow techniques used in ceramic production, namely porcelain. The porcelain slips will be the main visible part of the installation and they will be fitted with solid drive speakers. The sound design and music technology posts will cover a wide range of topics, from sound design concepts to MAX/MSP programming, along with sound & technical issues emerging during the production process of the installation. I would like to get a few interviews done as well, to introduce to you some great artists and musicians you might not have heard about before!

There could also be other themes emerging, for example the use of 3D printing. I have asked Mick from the Edge to do a short introductory text on 3D printing with me already, as we found 3D printing handy for quick prototyping last week.

Stay tuned and the next blog post is going to be dedicated to basic workflow techniques in ceramic production!