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Apocalypse Design Meetups

We’ve run book clubs, game nights, and ideation workshops on the theme Apocalypse, and now, we’re preparing to realise your ideas of an apocalyptic world with Apocalypse Design Meetups!

Earlier this month, in the ideation workshops you (our wonderful community) sifted through ideas, thoughts, fantasies, and big brainstorming to round out four solid ideas for an apocalyptic world (and an Edge take-over in December).

  • Silence: When do we lose a sense of time?
  • Artificial Intelligence: The A.I. Judge.
  • Collapse of technology: How would you react in a crisis?
  • Kafka-esque world: A bureaucracy maze.

With these four ideas on the table, it’s now time to decide which one/s you pursue and realise. (We’re also discussing and expanding on these ideas in our Facebook Group – come and join in on the conversation!)


Join us for the Apocalyptic Design Meetups in September and October. Come to one, some, or all of them!

  • Sunday 24 Sep: 12-2pm
  • Sunday 8 October: 12-4pm
  • Sunday 15 October: 12-4pm
  • Monday 23 October: 6-9pm
  • Sunday 29 October: 12-4pm

Tell us your coming, RSVP here!



Pay less for coffee and save the world!

Responsible cafe

If you’ve heard of ABC’s “War on Waste” series, you’ve probably noted that the café industry generates and enormous amount of waste, especially with its coffee cups. Well, over the past few years, we (The Edge’Coffee Stop) have been taking steps to reduce our (and our community’s) carbon footprint. One of the most significant changes we have implemented is to swap from our old cups and lids to 100% biodegradable and compostable alternatives. We have also swapped out most of our cleaning products for biodegradable ones and more recently, up-cycled our empty milk bottles by incorporating them into one of The Edge’s workshops – using the flattened plastic to create molds for chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Our latest step has been to join the Responsible Café movement, aiming to reduce waste by minimising the amount of disposable cups and lids we use. As part of this movement, we are offering a 50 cent discount on any hot beverage purchase if you bring your own non-disposable cup. Not only will you take part in saving our world, but you get to fuel your inner super hero with a discounted coffee in your favourite cup!

We hope to see you at The Edge Coffee Stop soon!



Would you like to know where AUXILIARY X can take you as an industrial designer? Hear from AUXILIARY graduate + designer, Raymond Dunlop (and his award-winning design boss!), talk about what he learned and where it took him.

AUXILIARY X: Where are they now? from AUXILIARY on Vimeo.

“The thing that I loved the most about AUXILIARY was having that real interaction with the client”, says Ray, now an employee at Street + Garden in Brisbane’s West End, a studio of award-winning industrial designers who specialise in furniture design for public spaces. “Having to actually interact and talk with the clients, and meet real deadlines, it was awesome”.

Ray was a participant of AUXILIARY X Sunbeam Australia, AUXILIARY’s inaugural program which put nine emerging designers in front of Sunbeam’s design leadership team. As practicing designers, the AUXILIARY Directors know the skills and quality of work needed to pitch projects to a client of this magnitude. Industry-standard skills and knowledge were imparted over a rigorous 14 week program delivered in The Edge’s Fabrication Lab, which offers all the tools and technology necessary for a hands-on industrial design experience. The results of the inaugural X program spoke for themselves with three products retained by Sunbeam for further mass-production consideration, including one designed by Ray himself.

Auxiliary Design School

“From my personal point of view, [AUXILIARY] has been a success for me because I’ve been able to employ Raymond Dunlop, who is a graduate of AUXILIARY.” says David Shaw, Founder & Creative director of Street + Garden. “The skills Ray brings to us is an understanding of design, which has been enhanced through his time at AUXILIARY. There’s no question that he is a key part of the business now and a very valuable member of our team.”

Auxiliary Design School

Reflecting on his experience with AUXILIARY, Ray adds: “it was awesome to be able to be a university student, work on a project from concept to prototyping, present that in front of heads of design and marketing in a massive corporation, and then for them for turn around and say ‘look we liked your presentation and product so much that we would like to take this the next step further from just a concept to actually look at manufacturing it’”.

Applications are now open for AUXILIARY X BCF.

This program will educate emerging industrial designers through a design and engagement process with industry client BCF (Boating Camping Fishing).

The program runs October 2017 to March 2018, and is open to emerging designers and design professionals. To apply, visit or send an email too with enquiries.


AUXILIARY X enables you to learn supplementary, sought-after knowledge and skills from experienced practitioners. Tackle a real design brief to meet strategic objectives of industry client BCF. Develop, prototype and pitch a product to industry standards for further commercial development consideration. Exhibit your work and enter design awards to engage with industry and promote young Australian design excellence.



The Edge POP CULTURE Book Club

The Edge’s first book club series was such a wild success, that we’ve decided to offer Part II. Sticking with the not your average book club style, we’d like to introduce you to the POP CULTURE Book Club!

Through the months of September, October and November we’ll be dedicating the third and fourth Mondays of the month to exploring popular culture through different media: novels, games, short-film, TV series, and comic books.

Join us for one, some, or all of them!

To kick off the series in September we will be looking at the chilling novel The Handmaid’s Tale.  Whether you’ve read the book, or just dived into the TV series on SBS, come and join us!

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Monday 18 September 2017
  • Sorry, you’ve missed this event!
    Check out our Facebook page or What’s On calendar, for events that pop up in-between newsletters.

Next up we will be playing Fiasco – a role-playing game with no game master. Cue, Wikipedia.

  • Fiasco
  • Monday 25 September 2017
  • 6pm – 8pm
  • Free – RSVP HERE – spaces limited


October will bring us to GOMA again to see two small films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

  • The Bridegroom, The Comedienne and The Pimp + The Little Chaos
  • Wednesday 18 October 2017 (Yes this is a Wednesday. The only one, we promise)
  • 6pm – 7pm
  • GOMA
  • Free – RSVP HERE


Then, we will play the awesomely fun game Werewolf! Up to 19 players can play at once! It is seriously one of the best games.

  • Werewolf
  • Monday 30 October 2017
  • 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Free – RSVP HERE – spaces limited


In our final month, the book club will explore the TV series ‘Cleverman’ a critically acclaimed, action-packed, sci-fi drama that is set in the future.

  • Cleverman
  • Monday 20 November 2017
  • 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Free – RSVP HERE


The book club series will end on Monday 27th November with The Walking dead comic books.  Yep, the walking dead is a comic book – well, there are 168 issues! No need to read all of them 🙂

  • The Walking Dead
  • Monday 27 November 2017
  • 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Free – RSVP HERE

#MadeToday: ‘Villa’ Laser Cut Illustration

I recently made this vector illustration ‘Villa’ of an impossible place I’d like to be. It has nonsensical architecture, a deck and a secluded location. After doing the digital illustration I thought a physical laser cut version with some depth and texture would be an interesting variation.

A Guest blog post by Mike Healy – Edge user and maker


Mike Healy

1) Digital Illustration 2) Laser cut pieces 3) Printed and glued result

The original was already a vector design so it seemed like a good piece to adapt for The Edge’s laser cutter which uses vector shapes for cutting and etching. To give the piece more depth and interest I decided to cut different parts of the illustration as different physical pieces, sitting at different heights, and re-assemble them rather than simply etch the whole design onto one piece.

I removed colour and detail from the original artwork and separated out the major components (interior etch, building, walls, deck, table and shrubs). I kept some of the detailing as etched areas.

Mike Healy

The laser cut piece was originally planned to be plain plywood as I quite like that material’s raw colour, but after cutting it lacked contrast, so I painted each element. Again I had thought I’d colour only some parts of the piece, but that looked out of place so in the end almost all of the illustration was painted. The laser cut version has a warmer ‘Spring’ colour scheme to contrast the original’s Winter feel.

It’s great having a facility like the Edge to provide the technology that lets me bridge the gap between fully digital and analogue techniques. I also found a lot of the laser cut and coloured design elements around The Edge to be an inspiration for this sort of work.

Mike Healy



Call for entries – 2017 Digital Portraiture Award


The National Portrait Gallery has opened the Call for Entries for the annual Digital Portraiture Award, where an artist will win $10,000 cash and an artistic residency at The Edge, valued at $15,000.

The National Portrait Gallery has officially sounded the clarion call: entries are open for the Digital Portraiture Award 2017! Entrants have until midnight on 17 September 2017 to submit their digital portraits.

What might a portrait look like in the digital age? Now in its sixth year, the Portrait Gallery’s Digital Portraiture Award invites artists to help us explore that question. With the scope for entries broad, the potential for original, sometimes dazzling works sees Gallery visitors and staff keenly anticipating each year’s entries.

‘Over recent years, finalists and winners of the Award have created diverse and imaginative works exploring identity and portraiture through moving digital image.  Created from computer code, video recordings, animation and more, screen-based portraiture reimagines not only the tools artists might employ, but the possibilities of what a portrait could be’, said Karen Vickery, Director of Learning and Visitor Experience at the Portrait Gallery.

The winner of the Award will receive $10,000 cash and an artistic residency at The Edge, valued at $15,000.

The Digital Portraiture Award highlights the Gallery’s commitment to screen-based narratives and digital technology. The highest quality works, as determined by our judges, will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery from 1 December 2017. These finalists’ entries will also be available to view on the Gallery’s website.

The Digital Portraiture Award 2017 will be on show at the National Portrait Gallery from 1 December 2017 to 18 February 2018.


Entries close at midnight on 17 September 2017. For more information on how to enter – and examples of past finalists’ entries – visit



2015 Winner: Isabelle de Kleine

Isabelle joined The Edge on a six week residency in early 2016. To find out about her artistic practice and what she got up to at The Edge, check out this blog post and short video: Isabelle de Kleine: The beauty of psychological mis-interpretation

You can also learn more about Isabelle, through her Facebook page.



Charles 2015 (detail)
by Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Winner, 2016
Duration: 6 minutes 29 seconds
Single-channel HD digital video
Soundtrack by Eliane Radigue (Jetsun Milla)


Sober Bob at ZICS 2017


When I attended the 2016 ZICS, I had no idea what kind of path my budding-zine-creator self would be taking over the next 12 months. Sitting at my little half table, with my handful of zines and some cute patches, I was met with friendly faces, keen to see some new stuff – some people had seen me before at the GOMA fairs, and I felt giddy being recognised as my artist name Sober Bob.

For those who are unfamiliar, Zines and Independent comics are self-published, independently created works usually produced in small amounts, made for passion over profit, and are about a diverse range of topics from music to politics and everything in-between – you generally won’t find any caped superheros amongst the world of indie comics and zines.

I fell into zine making and the arts after leaving a messy job and flunking out of university. After much research, I discovered Copy and Destroy, a zine library and free printing service for the youth of Brisbane, and to my glee, was able to print off enough zines to launch myself into the scene.

After ZICS, I just wasn’t content to let zines fall to the wayside in my life. I began collecting and researching, along with making and distributing my own. And with that hard work, I became the “Zine Librarian” of Copy and Destroy, with the support of Visible Ink.


Sober Bob at the GOMA Zine Fair


Copy and Destroy started as a small zine library, liberated from being thrown to the bins, by Adam L. (Obscene Fanzine), and kept up by many dedicated volunteers over time. Along with being an accessible zine library, Visible Ink houses it with printing and art services to help young people get their projects off the ground.

And now, at the 2017 ZICS, I’ll be hosting my own table, participating in the C+D table, and helping with workshops and event coordination. So many times I have heard people attending ZICS wondering how they could begin their own projects, and I hope I can ensure that more people are able to express themselves in this liberating medium.

If you’re coming down to ZICS on the 19th or 20th, come visit our tables and see what Copy and Destroy is all about. Or you could also come along to our panel ‘C+D Zine Librarianship Panel’, with Johnny Valkyrie, former Librarian of the Australian Cultural Library zine collection, and Bianca Martin from Melbourne’s Sticky Institute on the 19th, from 2pm on the Mezzanine level at The Edge.


Guest Blog post by Sober Bob


2017 Zine & Indie Comic Symposium

We kick off on the Friday 18 August with our Drink’n’Draw Pub Scrawl, which commences at Betty’s Espresso & Bar, West End at 6pm.

The festival will continue at The Edge on Saturday 19 August, celebrating self-publishing and print culture with a series of panels, workshops and mixer events held over three days.

Free entry to the Zine and Indie Comic fair, workshops, and panels ranging from gender identity to copyright and is repeated on Sunday.

Capping off the Saturday festivities for the very first time, ZICS is throwing the party of 2017: The ZICS Party Boat! Leaving from the Cultural Pontoon that’s located opposite The Edge at 6pm. Dinner and a full evening of all things self-publishing. Tickets $25 on the day which includes dinner. Meet 5pm at The Edge.

ZICS poster



Here’s your ticket to Little BIGSOUND

Would you like to be in the running for a complimentary ticket to QMusic’s Little BIGSOUND event?


Nominate yourself! Thanks to our partner QMUSIC, State Library have 7 complimentary tickets to offer to our community for the upcoming Little BIGSOUND event on Saturday 29 July 2017.

If you’d like to be in the running for a complimentary ticket, tell us in 25 words or less, what part of the program you’re most excited to participate in, and how attending will impact your music career.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Expressions of interest open Tuesday 18 July, and close midnight Sunday 23 July 2017.
  • To be eligible, the applicant must be available to attend the event on Saturday 29 July, and expressions of interest must be under 25 words and submitted by the due date.
  • The successful applicants will be notified by email on Monday 24 July.
  • Suitable for young adults aged 15+.

Behind the scenes of One Last Apocalypse

This month, The Edge will commence a five-month community-led project that seeks to encourage engagement among community, explore big ideas, and create something really special. It’s called One Last Apocalypse.

One Last Apocalypse will be an ongoing dialogue around the theme of Apocalypse. But, this time around, we’re not talking about zombies and the end of the earth, we’re looking at the root meaning:

Wikipedia“an uncovering” – a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”

Think Brave New World, All the Pretty Horses, Maus


How will this work, and what will happen?

We’ll begin with critical literacy. To start the program, The Edge will run a not-your-average book club exploring songs, a graphic novel, and film. You can read more about it here.

Jumping into the next phase we’ll examine games over a series of game nights. The purpose of this engagement is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming, explore what is fun about that space and open up discussions around social literacy and critical thinking about a cultural artefact.

Then comes the unpacking of design elements and making of ideas. Participants will actively engage with design concepts through play, and will be empowered to generate their own designs in preparation for event and set design fabrication.

One Last Apocalypse will culminate in a takeover of The Edge, and an event/experience/showcase that everyone will be invited to attend.


Throughout the entire process, The Edge will be documenting each phase with the intention of sharing learnings and project documents, so anyone (you!) can develop and implement a large-scale (or scaled down) community project of their own.  



Further reading?

We’ve shared two blog posts on the One Last Apocalypse so far:

  1. Not another apocalypse…
  2. Not your average book club


Stay tuned and follow the evolution of the program on TwitterFacebook and The Edge e-newsletter.


Announcement Post – A change of release times for courses and workshops


We’re about to make a change to the date and time of our course and workshop releases, and we wanted to give you the heads up!

Normally, courses and workshops are released four times a year: January, April, July, and September. The quarterly release in January, April, July and September align with the monthly e-newsletter for those months, which is published on the third Tuesday of the month at 10am.

We’ve taken on board feedback from our community regarding accessibility to book at 10am, and have made a change to the release schedule.

From next month, when we release our third round of courses and workshops for the year, the e-newsletter will be published on Tuesday 18 July (the third Tuesday of the month), with a full list of new offerings, and then courses and workshops will open two days later, on Thursday 20 July, at 6pm. Moving forward, this will be the new release timing.

Inductions. We haven’t forgotten about them! Inductions are released on a different schedule to courses and workshops, as the offering is different. Currently, Inductions are released monthly, in-line with the e-newsletter, on the third Tuesday of the month at 10am. This excludes the months of July and December when we don’t run inductions.

From next month, inductions will be released, still monthly, but two days after the e-newsletter and at 6pm. For example, the e-newsletter will be published on Tuesday 18 July, and inductions will open for bookings on Thursday 20 July, at 6pm – the same as the example above.

Below is a draft schedule, which explains the dates and timing above. Please keep in mind that this may change, as dates may be tweaked and circumstances change. During the year, if you’re unsure when the next release of courses, workshops or inductions might be, please give us a call on 07 3842 9400.


If you have any feedback on this change, we would love to hear from you – post below or send us an email at


Month E-news published Inductions Courses/Workshops
June 2017 20/6 Nil Nil
July 2017 18/7 Released at 6pm on 20/7 for offerings in August Released at 6pm on 20/7 for offerings in August and September
August 2017 15/8 Released at 6pm on 17/8 for offerings in September Nil
September 2017 19/9 Released at 6pm on 21/9 for offerings in October Released at 6pm on 21/9 for offerings in October and November
October 2017 17/10 Released at 6pm on 19/10 for offerings in November Nil
November 2017 21/11 Nil Some Christmas workshops may be released on  23/11