#MADETODAY – Re-making Mega Fauna

Walking Chicken

Guest post by, Joseph Burgess For me, The Edge is the Swiss-army-knife of creativity agency. Aside from having hand tools, 3D printers, sewing machines, soldering irons and above average coffee, there is a community that is thriving on creativity. Everybody is doing their own unique thing and it’s always cool to see what people get …

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A week in the life of an Edge Resident

Donna Davis

Guest post by, Donna Davis, recipient of the Flying Arts 2017 Digital Art Award Winning the ‘The Edge Digital Art Award’ as part of the Queensland Regional Art Awards meant that I could undertake a one-week residency at The Edge. I had previously undertaken some short courses at The Edge so knew that this residency …

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Not another apocalypse…

One Last Apocalypse

The Edge has been in the apocalypse business before. Back in 2011 (it doesn’t seem that long ago) as a part of the Festival of Ideas we delivered the Climate Zombie Apocalypse; a live-action zombie adventure game that took over the entire Edge building, turning the space into a wasteland of community volunteers in full …

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13 Ways to Start a Fire

13 ways to start a fire

Humans have been using fire to change landscapes, cook food and keep the dark away for years, but for a portion of time, natural sources like lightning and volcanoes were the only source. When stone tool-making taught us about friction, and twine-making gave a way to harness this effect, humans began to make fire, as …

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Stranger sounds – Subtractive synthesis

subtractive synthesizer

Anyone who has seen the award-winning, science fiction series ‘Stranger Things’ will have observed the soundtrack is dominated by synth sounds of the 80s. Canadian group Survive composed the soundtrack almost exclusively using vintage ‘subtractive’ synthesizers (e.g. Korg Mono/Poly, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Roland SH-101).      So what exactly is a subtractive synthesizer? Subtractive synthesis is …

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QMusic’s Industry Connect – A free program for emerging musicians

QMusic Industry Connect

Industry Connect is a new music program bringing music industry professionals from around Australia to regional Queensland (and The Edge!) to help anyone interested in building a sustainable career in the music industry.  QMusic’s Industry Connect program is designed to help early/intermediate career musicians and workers get the knowledge, relationships and opportunities they need to succeed! Industry Connect provides …

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#MADETODAY: Dog tags

Dog tags

#MADETODAY Dog tags, by Talia Yat   What did you make? Dog tags What inspired you to make this? Dogs who are escape artists! What Fabrication Lab resource did you use? Laser Cutter Where’d the design come from?  Designed this myself using Adobe Illustrator. Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to tell us about …

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More inductions, more access and the highly anticipated CNC

Fabrication Lab

We’ve added 30 more seats to our Laser Cutter inductions for March, set new ‘Open Lab’ times for 2017 giving you more access to the equipment, and we’re launching the CNC inductions! It’s a good month! First things first. More Laser Cutter inductions! We’ve added an extra three inductions into the March schedule – that’s …

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Two New Playlists for Your Spotify Account

Sunny Bankrupt Billionaires

Do you ever wonder who curates the music at The Edge? You’re sitting there working on your project in the Window Bays when suddenly your favourite band starts playing through the PA system. Well, let’s meet two of the team that pick your Edge soundtrack and peer into their eclectic mixed tape. Here is some music …

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This is how we did it – Creating our Christmas card

You might have seen our Christmas card from last year (2016). If not, have a quick geez of it here: Inspired by paper craft and our 2015 card, this time round we wanted to create something along the same lines but ten times better!   Here’s how we did it The first step we did …

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