Beyond the edge of the screen

Here in 2011, say the word ‘game’ to people and it’s likely they’ll imagine some screen-centric experience, whether it’s someone playing an Xbox or PlayStation game curled up on their couch, or a quick burst of Angry Birds on public transport. Cames have come into their cultural own through the mix of technology and art that have given us videogames.

Diversity in Games

Games are powerful mediums that allow designers and players opportunities to explore interesting and meaningful experiences. Serious games do this by raising awareness of serious issues and representing ideas and experiences of minority groups. Art Games is a label used to describe games that offer representations of ideas and experiences but use these to generate …

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Communicating with Serious Games

Serious games have been defined as a game whose primary function is something other than entertainment. Educational, training simulations, rehabilitation, art and propaganda are variations of this concept. Serious games are not just educational tools, they can provoke thought and action in their players through player choices, context and gameplay. Designers create these games because …

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Can a serious game save the planet? [Part 2]

Alternator is a futuristic online racing game made for the ABC. Its purpose is to inspire players to take an interest in clean and renewable technologies. But can a game really save the planet?… No. The game can’t… but the people who play the game can.

iStreet Skills xChange rolls into Inala

The iStreet Skills xChange is a pilot project which aims to provide digital, social and literacy skills to disadvantaged Indigenous young people within their communities.

iStreet Skills xChange Launch

It’s time to stop reading about the iStreet Media Lab and come on down and play with it! The launch of the iStreet Skills xChange project is just around the corner. Join mervin and the crew as they celebrate with the Inala community at the launch of this inspiring project.   Bring your mates and …

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Word from the iStreet

Out in Inala recently I spoke with two young guys, Hayden and Dre, while they were using the iStreet Media Lab to mix music tracks. We spoke about their journey, moving to Australia, and how the iStreet Lab is making a difference in their lives. What is your connection to the Inala community? Hayden: I …

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Meet Terii from the iStreet Crew

With the iStreet Media Lab now embedded in Inala with mervin, we’ve pulled together some of the great stories of who is using the gear and rad things they are getting up to. Terii, from Inala, has been busy fine-tuning his photography skills after being introduced to mervin and the Media Lab by his cousin. …

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Best of the Independent Games Festival

Fast-tracked from the Independent Games Festival (IGF) in San Francisco, a shipment of 14 of the world’s best independent games has arrived at The Edge. Showcasing the talents of indie developers from Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, UK and Australia, these games are ready and waiting for your highest scores. Scope the full …

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Videogames: Levelling the playing field

With technology getting cheaper and cheaper video games are becoming more and more accessible, people are able to play the exact same game on their work computer, console and even on their mobile phone.