Meet Terii from the iStreet Crew

With the iStreet Media Lab now embedded in Inala with mervin, we’ve pulled together some of the great stories of who is using the gear and rad things they are getting up to. Terii, from Inala, has been busy fine-tuning his photography skills after being introduced to mervin and the Media Lab by his cousin. …

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Best of the Independent Games Festival

Fast-tracked from the Independent Games Festival (IGF) in San Francisco, a shipment of 14 of the world’s best independent games has arrived at The Edge. Showcasing the talents of indie developers from Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, UK and Australia, these games are ready and waiting for your highest scores. Scope the full …

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Videogames: Levelling the playing field

With technology getting cheaper and cheaper video games are becoming more and more accessible, people are able to play the exact same game on their work computer, console and even on their mobile phone.

The Ironforge Library

Near the forge, which is the heart of the dwarf strong hold of Ironforge, is the library, gathering together dwarven histories so that the past is not forgotten.

The price of free-to-play gaming

Traditional game models have begun to give rise to a black market as people are starting to “pay to win” – trading real-world money in exchange for in-game money or items, forming the premise of the Free-to-Play model.

Interactive Card Game Table

How would you feel playing a card game where you can actually see the explosions when your spaceships attack your opponent? Where your creature cards literally summon a creature who strolls over to your opponent and throws down a gauntlet?

You’re the publisher now

Back in nineteen-dickety-two when you launched a game, you had to make money from it straight away. Now, welcome to the internet and the complete opposite of this approach.

These words mean just what I choose them to mean

When we talk about ourselves as ‘gamers’ or as working in or aspiring to the ‘games industry’, we create certain expectations in those around us or boundaries around the discussion, even if we don’t mean to