You’re the publisher now

Back in nineteen-dickety-two when you launched a game, you had to make money from it straight away. Now, welcome to the internet and the complete opposite of this approach.

These words mean just what I choose them to mean

When we talk about ourselves as ‘gamers’ or as working in or aspiring to the ‘games industry’, we create certain expectations in those around us or boundaries around the discussion, even if we don’t mean to

Error Foreverr

You’re frozen staring blankly at a computer screen, numerous questions are running through your head but one is screaming out over every rational thought. Why!? Blood rushes to your cheeks and those questions burst out of your mouth in the form of profanities. Then you realise you forgot to save. You are experiencing techno rage …

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Laser Gameboys 2.0

Unlike in video games, our day to day activities aren’t accompanied by ready made sound affects.

School of Ideas winners announced

Following on from the success of Flood of Ideas, the School of Ideas competition got youngsters thinking about how to flood-proof Queensland for the years to come. Entry was open to students from prep (only 5 years of age!) to year 12 and we were blown away by how thoughtful and practical their solutions were. …

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Building a game

This three-part series looks at the fundamentals you need to consider before you begin to develop your game as an independent developer. Spoiler alert: development starts waaay before coding.

MC Murriz at the Queensland Music Awards

The MC Murriz, or Athol and Jesse Goltz, are brothers who have been rapping since they were teenagers. I met them through their involvement with the Emerge Program. Produced by Luke Cavell in conjunction with Brisbane City Council and Q Music, the Emerge program gave specialist attention to a host of young disadvantaged musicians in …

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Making School Cool

iStreet has come into contact with a lot of people since its first outing not long after the floods earlier in the year. I have had the honour of meeting young people with a lot of passion for their art and community, community workers who have spent years thoughtfully chipping away at the obstacles to …

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