STEAM Ideas: Things to make you go M

Pantograph in action.png

Teachers responding to calls to develop curriculum relevant to 21st century concerns, often end up settling for a nice cup of TEA – it is easy to find activities framed by Technology, Design and the Arts – but end up neglecting the opportunities in the M. When a local Primary Principal contacted The Edge for …

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Behind the scenes of One Last Apocalypse

This month, The Edge will commence a five-month community-led project that seeks to encourage engagement among community, explore big ideas, and create something really special. It’s called One Last Apocalypse. One Last Apocalypse will be an ongoing dialogue around the theme of Apocalypse. But, this time around, we’re not talking about zombies and the end …

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BrisMakerFest – What a day!

A few weeks ago we hosted the inaugural BrisMakerFest in partnership with Department of State Development. It was a Saturday all about making and maker culture in, industry, education, and community. There were 3D printers, drones and hackerspace, schools, teachers and genius students; all showcasing what is awesome and possible in Queensland. For me, BrisMakerFest …

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Not your average book club

Book Club

The Edge hasn’t ventured into book-club territory before, but we thought it was about time that we did – with an Edge spin, of course! The Edge book club will be more than turning pages. Over three Monday nights in the month of July (and one Wednesday in August!), we’ll discuss song lyrics, a well-known novel, an …

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Flying Arts

The Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA) is an annual visual arts prize and exhibition for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. The program aims to provide a platform for further professional development. In 2017, the QRAA theme is ‘Iconic Queensland’. Queensland is rich with iconic structures, people, locations, events and lifestyles …

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#MADETODAY – Re-making Mega Fauna

Walking Chicken

Guest post by, Joseph Burgess For me, The Edge is the Swiss-army-knife of creativity agency. Aside from having hand tools, 3D printers, sewing machines, soldering irons and above average coffee, there is a community that is thriving on creativity. Everybody is doing their own unique thing and it’s always cool to see what people get …

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A week in the life of an Edge Resident

Donna Davis

Guest post by, Donna Davis, recipient of the Flying Arts 2017 Digital Art Award Winning the ‘The Edge Digital Art Award’ as part of the Queensland Regional Art Awards meant that I could undertake a one-week residency at The Edge. I had previously undertaken some short courses at The Edge so knew that this residency …

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Not another apocalypse…

One Last Apocalypse

The Edge has been in the apocalypse business before. Back in 2011 (it doesn’t seem that long ago) as a part of the Festival of Ideas we delivered the Climate Zombie Apocalypse; a live-action zombie adventure game that took over the entire Edge building, turning the space into a wasteland of community volunteers in full …

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13 Ways to Start a Fire

13 ways to start a fire

Humans have been using fire to change landscapes, cook food and keep the dark away for years, but for a portion of time, natural sources like lightning and volcanoes were the only source. When stone tool-making taught us about friction, and twine-making gave a way to harness this effect, humans began to make fire, as …

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