Fake Oakleys and Fake Oakley Sunglasses

IRL Festival Wrap-up


It started as a conversation late last year with Kris and Marnie at the Brisbane Powerhouse, how it would be awesome for our two buildings to play together. And so, over the past ten days The Edge was a part of the IRL Digital Festival. You might have seen it? Giant Space Invaders, giant sliding …

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What do you make when you have a new laser cutter..?

Laser Cutter

… an egg cup Dalek. We bet you didn’t see that one coming!   Some may say why? Others may say why not…? An egg cup Dalek is a great idea! But frankly, the egg cup doesn’t matter as much as WE HAVE A LASER CUTTER!! You may have thought that the Fabrication Lab couldn’t …

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Analogue Digital: Official Opening


You’re invited to attend the official opening of Analogue Digital Brisbane 2015! This event will feature the global launch of VNA’s 30th issue, as well as the live production of four murals from artists Madsteeze, Does, Joel Birch and Georgia Hill. With a start like this, the rest of the conference is bound to be …

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IRL Digital Festival


If you’ve seen the call out for artists and designers over the past few months, then you might know that we’re part of the Brisbane Powerhouse IRL Digital Festival. The festival kicks off on May 7 and hosts a number of events and installations, including two gems from The Edge: Player 1 / Player 2 (poor …

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Auxiliary Design School

Auxiliary Design School

We’re pretty lucky here at The Edge. Not only do we get to open our spaces to amazingly talented individuals who wow us every day; but we also have some pretty special partners who bring with them some pretty special people! Cue, Auxiliary Design School. Each week students work (hang out and play really!) in …

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Peepshow Box by Doina Kraal

Doina Kraal

This month, The Edge is hosting international artist Doina Kraal as part of her Touche-à-Tout world tour. Stopping in Brisbane for three weeks, Doina will perform on Thursday 26th March at The Edge Auditorium. We asked Doina to tell us what she’s been up to and what to expect on her one off performance in …

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Living organisms, a secret room and a chair – Part 5

The Incubator

HOW? TEST, EXPLORE and EXPERIMENT Q. Peter, for some of us (actually, me in particular) we wouldn’t know where to start in order to grow a chair from mushrooms. Can you tell me, how did you approach the idea of growing a mushroom into chair? And, in your test phase, what has worked and what …

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Opportunity for Filmmakers

IRL Festival

The Edge is creating new works for Brisbane Powerhouse’s IRL festival. Last month we called out for writers and designers to develop an installation. Now, we’re looking for filmmakers! Do you want to get your hands dirty making short, sharp pieces that will contribute to an interactive video mashup? We’re currently developing works and want …

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Five Years On

The Edge's 5th Birthday

It’s a cliché but The Edge proves “time does fly when you are having fun”. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since The Edge opened in February 2010. Sure, there have been some tough weeks, and of course there has been the occasional setback… like, you know that time the Brisbane River came …

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Living organisms, a secret room and a chair – Part 4

Pycnoporus coccineus (Orange Bracket)

CHOOSING THE RIGHT FUNGI Q. We’ve talked about biofabrication, asked the question Why?, and delved into the beautiful design of the chair, but what’s missing is the key ingredient – the fungi! Peter, I imagine the type of fungi is vital in the success of this chair. Can you tell me what fungi you’ve chosen, …

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