Friday Workshop with the Edge Crew

Workshop materials

By Daniel Flood, The Edge Creative Manager Making something new, it’s a big chunk of what we do. Whether it is an old idea in new skin or something genuinely new. When you come to the realisation that this is the job, you’re being paid to create, there is a very real and visceral sensation. …

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Are you a letterhead?

By Helen Kelly, Founder of Brisbane Hand Lettering Call me crazy, or is this recent resurgence of hand lettering in our digital age just what our electronic device wielding fingers need?   Sure – technology has its place (yes, I do see the irony of me typing this blog-post) but its great to see that …

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AUXILIARY wrap-up another successful programme

Following on from a successful inaugural programme in 2015, AUXILIARY Design School recently wrapped up their first AUXILIARY PLUS programme, with a focus on the foundations of Industrial Design and core skill development. The three pillars of sketching, lo-fidelity model making and CAD were delivered in The Edge’s Innovation and Fabrication Labs, providing students with …

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Opportunity: Business Model Canvas Workshop

Business Model Canvas

Thanks to our partners, Lean Business Strategies, we have two complimentary tickets to the upcoming Business Model Canvas Workshop. This is the perfect opportunity for those with a business idea, but not sure of the next step; or someone with an established business, and wants to innovate to remain relevant. Do you have a GREAT idea …

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Woodford Wrap Up


Woodford Folk Festival and The Edge are two places that, when said out loud in the same sentence, don’t instantly scream synergy. They probably should, and in practice they do – like butter and jam on good sourdough bread on a Sunday morning – but from the outset you have to think, it is a …

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Hack the Evening

Two of the best things about my job as Program Officer at The Edge are: Working with a variety of talented and interesting people and Finding solutions to technical problems using some of the great tools the Edge has on hand here. And this is why I look forward to, “Hack the Evening” every week. …

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What Is Brisbane Jelly?

Swing by The Edge on a Friday and you’ll encounter a curious group of laptop-tappers, either completely absorbed in their computers or passionately engaged in discussion. This is Brisbane Jelly, an informal co-working group that meets at The Edge every Friday from noon.

Sorry, we’re closed

Sad pug dog, sorry we're closed

TEMPORARY CLOSURE: THURSDAY 14 – MONDAY 18 JANUARY If you’ve visited The Edge this week, you would have been met with a little bit of noise and movement from trades. We’re currently renovating the Auditorium floor and the public spaces in the basement – when these spaces are complete, they will look incredible! You won’t …

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2015 Wrap-up

By Daniel Flood, Creative Manager 2015 is coming to a close, and I’m sitting in the back of the room watching The Edge team Christmas party. They could have gone to dinner, grabbed drinks or done whatever it is ‘normal’ offices do to celebrate the close of a successful, full-on year – that would have …

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$12 Million in annual funding from Catalyst

Ministry for the Arts Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund is now open for applications through three streams: Partnerships and collaborations Innovation and participation International and cultural diplomacy If you’re planning and developing activities in any of the following categories, you are encouraged to submit an application: Performance Exhibition Tours Festivals Development and creation …

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