DIY School Holiday Activities

MAKEIT Activity

Guest Post by Moreton Bay Regional Libraries Last school holidays, Moreton Bay Library staff dusted off their facilitator skills and provided local kids with an opportunity to create kaleidoscopes and periscopes, using The Edge’s MAKEIT Workshop Plans and Light Box kit. Overall, 75 kids were engaged with the STEAM programs and feedback was very positive, …

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A STEAMpunk Wind-up LED

Earlier this year, The Edge was approached by Independent Schools Queensland to participate in a Makerspace Roadshow running across the State from April to September… …and since the best way of learning is by doing, we developed a new workshop that not only encapsulates what we have learned about how to engage young people with …

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AUXILIARY is calling for applicants for AUXILIARY PLUS – a six week foundational Industrial Design course that teaches sketching, lo-fi prototyping and CAD. It is open to students, professionals and creatives wanting to supercharge their design skills. AUXILIARY PLUS is also a preparatory primer for the client sponsored AUXILIARY X programme. Students from the inaugural …

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Catching a Joule Thief in the act…

Joule Thief

  The Edge Programming team has been exploring ways to make use of the Joule thief circuit, which as the name suggests dangles a tantalizing prospect of getting energy out of systems that usually want to keep it to themselves. Think squeezing the last drops of power from an apparently dead battery, or harvesting the …

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NIME Unconference Interview with Kate Thomas

Kate Thomas

Live instrumentation doesn’t stop at guitar, bass and drums. In addition to acoustic instruments there are an increasing number of performers making use of DIY controllers and unique hardware in their performances. NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) is the premier conference in designing human-computer interfaces and interactions for musical performance. In 2016 NIME comes …

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A sense of place

Guest post by, Darren Harris What does the word ‘landscape’ mean to you? It means many things to many different people, including a beautiful place, a spiritual connection with the land, a painting, a photograph, somewhere to holiday away from the city, land to be topographically surveyed, a garden to be landscaped, a backdrop to …

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The Design Kids


Guest post by, Chloe Anna I’m Chloe Anna – I put my hand up to get involved with The Design Kids and host their monthly Brisbane events almost 2 years ago now and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before I jump into me, myself and I. I’ll start with a …

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Residency Journal: Linda Clark

Collage Experiment, Linda Clark

Guest post by, Linda Clark As the winner of the Gray Puksand Digital Art Award in the 2015 Queensland Regional Art Awards, Linda Clark received a fully funded two week residency at The Edge. Here she talks about her experiences at The Edge, where she developed the conceptual basis of a new body of work. Initially I was …

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The Planting, Lock Making and Lessons Learned

The Planting Festival - Edge Lock Making Workshops

You might have seen a few newsletter’s ago, we spent a Friday building the prototype of a DIY lock making/breaking workshop. Since then it’s evolved, improved and become something a little bit awesome thanks to Phil’s tireless (maybe slightly panicked) efforts in the couple of months since.   But, what we didn’t say back then …

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ArtizDIGITAL – program for high school students

Students from the 2015 Artiz Program at The Edge

It’s not often that high school aged artists get to engage with cutting edge technology to produce their art – especially if they come from regional and remote Queensland. Flying Arts is excited to extend that opportunity to students for the third year running in partnership with The Edge. ArtizDIGITAL will provide students from near …

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