Pay less for coffee and save the world!

Responsible cafe

If you’ve heard of ABC’s “War on Waste” series, you’ve probably noted that the café industry generates and enormous amount of waste, especially with its coffee cups. Well, over the past few years, we (The Edge’Coffee Stop) have been taking steps to reduce our (and our community’s) carbon footprint. One of the most significant changes we have implemented is to swap from our old cups and lids to 100% biodegradable and compostable alternatives. We have also swapped out most of our cleaning products for biodegradable ones and more recently, up-cycled our empty milk bottles by incorporating them into one of The Edge’s workshops – using the flattened plastic to create molds for chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Our latest step has been to join the Responsible Café movement, aiming to reduce waste by minimising the amount of disposable cups and lids we use. As part of this movement, we are offering a 50 cent discount on any hot beverage purchase if you bring your own non-disposable cup. Not only will you take part in saving our world, but you get to fuel your inner super hero with a discounted coffee in your favourite cup!

We hope to see you at The Edge Coffee Stop soon!


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