The Edge now has Adobe XD


The Edge now has Adobe XD. If you’re a UX/UI, interaction, product, graphic or web designer, this tool will help you prototype and wireframe designs, as well as map out interactions and high fidelity designs.

Adobe XD is intuitive, and helps you reuse similar elements with powerful tools like the Repeat Grid. You can also populate dummy content including images into your designs with the click of a button.

Showing Clients your designs is easy; with the click of a button you can send your Client a link to your interactive prototype, which can help visualise how your solution could work.

To get started using Adobe XD, here’s a useful Lynda tutorial: Learning Adobe XD

We should mention, that State Library members (it’s free to join!) receive free onsite and offsite access to – an online library with thousands of quality courses and tutorials. To find out how you can access for free, check out the details here.

Our Digital Media Lab has a wide variety of other software and is open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. If you don’t have an account to book a Mac, you can sign up here.

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