Behind the scenes of One Last Apocalypse

This month, The Edge will commence a five-month community-led project that seeks to encourage engagement among community, explore big ideas, and create something really special. It’s called One Last Apocalypse.

One Last Apocalypse will be an ongoing dialogue around the theme of Apocalypse. But, this time around, we’re not talking about zombies and the end of the earth, we’re looking at the root meaning:

Wikipedia“an uncovering” – a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”

Think Brave New World, All the Pretty Horses, Maus


How will this work, and what will happen?

We’ll begin with critical literacy. To start the program, The Edge will run a not-your-average book club exploring songs, a graphic novel, and film. You can read more about it here.

Jumping into the next phase we’ll examine games over a series of game nights. The purpose of this engagement is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming, explore what is fun about that space and open up discussions around social literacy and critical thinking about a cultural artefact.

Then comes the unpacking of design elements and making of ideas. Participants will actively engage with design concepts through play, and will be empowered to generate their own designs in preparation for event and set design fabrication.

One Last Apocalypse will culminate in a takeover of The Edge, and an event/experience/showcase that everyone will be invited to attend.


Throughout the entire process, The Edge will be documenting each phase with the intention of sharing learnings and project documents, so anyone (you!) can develop and implement a large-scale (or scaled down) community project of their own.  



Further reading?

We’ve shared two blog posts on the One Last Apocalypse so far:

  1. Not another apocalypse…
  2. Not your average book club


Stay tuned and follow the evolution of the program on TwitterFacebook and The Edge e-newsletter.


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