BrisMakerFest – What a day!

A few weeks ago we hosted the inaugural BrisMakerFest in partnership with Department of State Development. It was a Saturday all about making and maker culture in, industry, education, and community. There were 3D printers, drones and hackerspace, schools, teachers and genius students; all showcasing what is awesome and possible in Queensland. For me, BrisMakerFest highlighted that we are on par with the rest of the world, and ahead of some other states we look to for inspiration.

The building was buzzing all day with excitement, possibility, and maybes; three of our favorite things here at The Edge. Hundreds of people that had never thought of themselves as a part of the maker community now see things a little differently and that is the win we were looking for.

Of course, there was the announcement of the hackerspace grant program that will give Queensland Makerspaces the chance to better equip themselves and their offering to the community – $20,000 for a new space and $10,000 to expand what is already on offer in established space.

There are a lot of great reasons to think about what is possible out there in the broader community. If you think that might be you, drop by or drop us a line – we’re always more than happy to help.

Missed out on BrisMakerFest, or just want to reminisce? Check out some of the photos from BrisMakerFest in our Facebook album.


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