Let the wild Rumpus start!

The Great and Grand Rumpus is coming…

Since March, you may have seen we have been designing and building a number of installations here at The Edge. First up there was a plus one for cardboard Kaiju, a light installation, and currently a large scale sign. All of these have been building towards The Great and Grand Rumpus!

Cue celebrations and more cardboard!

Great and Grand Rumpus (GGR) what?

GGR is a large scale installation that will come from the imaginations of children and will take over level one of The Edge in July!

Children’s imaginary worlds will be captured through a design and play process and then

Design students will input the children’s ideas into design tools and

Fabricators will fabricate them and a writer will capture the emerging narratives!

Then, (yes there’s more) the installation worlds will slowly grow and come to life. Enter young people and then adults (in that order) who will respond to and add to the children’s ideas using projection, sound and electronics.

The process will culminate in a celebration where the worlds will be handed back to children to play and celebrate in with the broader community.

Would you like to join in the rumpus?

If you are a student or designer, join Mondays here.

If you are a fabricator, join us on Thursdays here.

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