The Edge Game Nights

On Monday nights in the month of August we’ll be playing games at The Edge! But, these nights won’t be your average board game nights – we’ll be throwing an Apocalyptic spin on the traditional gaming experience and mixing in role playing, map drawing, and a live, immersive experience facilitated by a Brisbane performance artist. 


Monday 7 August

To kick it all off we will be playing a game called The Quiet Year – a community map drawing game that requires you to make challenging decisions for your community. Last week the programming team played The Quiet Year and it was so much fun (at times I was so immersed in the game I felt personally invested in the community we were building). The game really got us all exploring and testing each other. Mick made some bold moves that had us all picking up contempt tokens (Yes! They are real, physical tokens). And I also made some decisions that had Peter picking up tokens in contempt! It is a super fun tabletop game.



Monday 14 August

The next game on the list is called Fiasco – an RPG with no GM. Cue Wikipedia’s definition:



Monday 21 August

Then we are in for a real treat with a live immersive experience from local performance maker Sarah Winter. She will be bringing a small part of her enchanting work to The Edge, just for you.  After we experience her work we will then have the opportunity to discuss and unpack that experience together!


There is no prerequisite to play each week. Come and join in for one game night, or all three, and maybe hang in there to see what comes of an apocalyptic climax at The Edge.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Edge,

Emma Che




One Last Apocalypse

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