The Great and Grand Rumpus – Design & Fabrication sessions

Calling everyone that has skills in or is developing skills in design, industrial design, architecture, installations, Theatre design, and education. Come and design and fabricate in May and June with us!

Over 6 weeks there will be design sessions and fabrication sessions happening at The Edge.

What will be happening? Fulfill design briefs to a deadline. Work with others to produce digital files that can be fabricated. Then fabricate those designs at The Edge, SLQ.

All of the large scale designs will be installed into The Edge by the end of June and a Great and Grand Rumpus party will come shortly after!!

To find out more about this program click here.

Sign up to one or more sessions below.

Free, but RSVP is required.

Design Sessions

Design session 1
Monday 14th May, 3-7pm

Design session 2
Monday 21st May, 3-7pm

Design session 3
Monday 28th May, 3-7pm

Design session 4
Monday 4th June, 3-7pm

Design session 5
Monday 11th June, 3-7pm

Design session 6
Monday 18th June, 3-7pm


Fabrication Sessions

Fabrication session 1
Thursday 17th May, 3-7pm

Fabrication session 2
Thursday 24th May, 3-7pm

Fabrication session 3
Thursday 31st May, 3-7pm

Fabrication session 4
Thursday 7th June, 3-7pm

Fabrication session 5
Thursday 14th June, 3-7pm

Fabrication session 6
Thursday 21st June, 3-7pm


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