Woodford Wrap Up

Woodford Folk Festival and The Edge are two places that, when said out loud in the same sentence, don’t instantly scream synergy. They probably should, and in practice they do – like butter and jam on good sourdough bread on a Sunday morning – but from the outset you have to think, it is a folk festival!


Music and cabaret, lantern making and knot tying for kids, dust and mud and sunburn for everyone; time to disconnect and not engage with technology. Which would be true if The Edge was just about technology or science or art or enterprise except it isn’t. It’s about working with/building communities creatively, empowering all of Queensland to engage with the mandate.

The best way to do that is go where the people are, and Woodford… Woodford Folk Festival has people on mass.

Over three nights, and to more than a hundred people, there were workshops – so many workshops. Making pinwheels that glowed in the night from tin cans laced with LEDS and hydroelectric generators from magnets, motors and used water bottle. In a tent! It’s been a while since we’ve delivered in a tent and it served as a solid reminder that when you’re in a tent and not a properly kitted out workshop, that things go a little differently – sometimes sideways.

It would be easy to get caught up in the difficulty, but much easier and so much more satisfying to see the smiles on the communities’ faces. The hundreds of hands turned to twisting wire, gluing tin and generating electricity in a thing they fashioned with their own hands. Watching those people that bought the ticket to ride empowered to creatively experiment in art, science and technology. Which is the whole point.

Woodford Folk Festival and The Edge might not be the most obvious partners, but they just are.


Image Credit: Jan Smith

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