A Maker Festival and Building Works

Between Friday 2 June and Friday 7 July, there will be a disruption to the standard opening hours of The Edge, and some impacts to Edge visitors.

We’re very excited to be presenting the inaugural BrisMakerFest in partnership with Department of State Development, and to host the event, we will be closed Friday 2 June, the event day Saturday 3 June, and Sunday 4 June. The event on Saturday is a public event, and you’re invited to attend. More information and tickets can be found here.

Following the Maker Festival, The Edge Auditorium will undergo flooring works. From the commencement of the building works on Monday 5 June, through to the estimated conclusion on Friday 7 July, there will be two building closures, some restriction to Edge spaces and services, and some impact to visitors with construction noise.

To ensure the safety of Edge visitors and staff, The Edge building will close from:

Monday 5 June to Wednesday 14 June, re-opening on Thursday 15 June; and

Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July, re-opening on Saturday 8 July.

For daily updates on access and closures, please visit our Facebook page.

  • Friday 2 June                  Closed
  • Saturday 3 June              BrisMakerFest – Entry to ticket holders only
  • Sunday 4 June                Closed
  • Monday 5 June                Closed
  • Tuesday 6 June               Closed
  • Wednesday 7 June         Closed
  • Thursday 8 June             Closed
  • Friday 9 June                  Closed
  • Saturday 10 June            Closed
  • Sunday 11 June              Closed
  • Monday 12 June              Closed
  • Tuesday 13 June             Closed
  • Wednesday 14 June       Closed
  • Thursday 15 June to Sunday 2 July – Return to normal hours
  • Monday 3 July                 Closed
  • Tuesday 4 July                Closed
  • Wednesday 5 July           Closed
  • Thursday 6 July               Closed
  • Friday 7 July                    Closed
  • Saturday 8 July – Return to normal hours