Would you like to know where AUXILIARY X can take you as an industrial designer? Hear from AUXILIARY graduate + designer, Raymond Dunlop (and his award-winning design boss!), talk about what he learned and where it took him.

AUXILIARY X: Where are they now? from AUXILIARY on Vimeo.

“The thing that I loved the most about AUXILIARY was having that real interaction with the client”, says Ray, now an employee at Street + Garden in Brisbane’s West End, a studio of award-winning industrial designers who specialise in furniture design for public spaces. “Having to actually interact and talk with the clients, and meet real deadlines, it was awesome”.

Ray was a participant of AUXILIARY X Sunbeam Australia, AUXILIARY’s inaugural program which put nine emerging designers in front of Sunbeam’s design leadership team. As practicing designers, the AUXILIARY Directors know the skills and quality of work needed to pitch projects to a client of this magnitude. Industry-standard skills and knowledge were imparted over a rigorous 14 week program delivered in The Edge’s Fabrication Lab, which offers all the tools and technology necessary for a hands-on industrial design experience. The results of the inaugural X program spoke for themselves with three products retained by Sunbeam for further mass-production consideration, including one designed by Ray himself.

Auxiliary Design School

“From my personal point of view, [AUXILIARY] has been a success for me because I’ve been able to employ Raymond Dunlop, who is a graduate of AUXILIARY.” says David Shaw, Founder & Creative director of Street + Garden. “The skills Ray brings to us is an understanding of design, which has been enhanced through his time at AUXILIARY. There’s no question that he is a key part of the business now and a very valuable member of our team.”

Auxiliary Design School

Reflecting on his experience with AUXILIARY, Ray adds: “it was awesome to be able to be a university student, work on a project from concept to prototyping, present that in front of heads of design and marketing in a massive corporation, and then for them for turn around and say ‘look we liked your presentation and product so much that we would like to take this the next step further from just a concept to actually look at manufacturing it’”.

Applications are now open for AUXILIARY X BCF.

This program will educate emerging industrial designers through a design and engagement process with industry client BCF (Boating Camping Fishing).

The program runs October 2017 to March 2018, and is open to emerging designers and design professionals. To apply, visit or send an email too with enquiries.


AUXILIARY X enables you to learn supplementary, sought-after knowledge and skills from experienced practitioners. Tackle a real design brief to meet strategic objectives of industry client BCF. Develop, prototype and pitch a product to industry standards for further commercial development consideration. Exhibit your work and enter design awards to engage with industry and promote young Australian design excellence.



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