Cubby Houses for Community

The Edge has kept a little (well actually, not so little) project under wraps for the past few months. However, if you are active on our social pages, you may have seen a little snippet of our very exciting and rewarding Cubby Houses for Community project. And now, as we enter the final phases, we are ready to share a little more about this very special project.

The story begins back in October last year. The Edge team put the call out for parents to get involved with an upcoming DIY project. The idea was to collaborate with the parents and work with them to design, prototype and construct custom cubby houses for their children. This process put the spotlight on education and upskilling; developing skills in conceptualisation, design and manufacturing. Plus, from the outset, the end goal was to release the finalised, ready to manufacture, digital files under a Creative Commons license.

With the families on board, the next step was to reach out to the community and connect with local businesses. A project of this size cannot be done without the support of other organisations. So, in steps some incredible people and their businesses to help The Edge and the families see this project realised.

Through a series of workshops, our facilitators worked with the parents to develop, design and prototype the cubby houses, with the final two days concluding last week as the houses were constructed and painted. Each cubby house was designed in modules with self-supporting walls and uses no glue, no nails and no screws! The entire house clicks, drops and slides together using the design of just three joints. With a set-up and pack down time of around 15 minutes, these small spaces are intelligently designed and fit together like building blocks.

There is a lot more to share about this project, including the stories from the families, and the release of the design files. But for now, enjoy some of the action shots that were taken over the past few months, and keep an eye out for our next instalment of Cubby Houses for Community.

Update: We have a video up now, you can view it here.

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