Friday Workshop with the Edge Crew

By Daniel Flood, The Edge Creative Manager

Making something new, it’s a big chunk of what we do. Whether it is an old idea in new skin or something genuinely new.

When you come to the realisation that this is the job, you’re being paid to create, there is a very real and visceral sensation. The freedom to sit and stare and think and make and break and cuss and iterate and innovate in we’re incredibly lucky or skilled or imaginative or a concoction of all three. It’s a freedom that can’t be taken for granted.

It’s a freedom we exercised in a Friday not so long ago. We sat/stood/leaned around the table for an entire day and stared at an old idea, thinking hard about making it new for an upcoming event we’re involved in (that we can’t speak about yet but will become clear in a newsletter or two).

Workshop materials


Workshop materials

Usually it is just one of us in a darkened room staring at a table where we have collected the bits of the trade. Pens (to break for parts), cardboard, blade knives, drill presses and all manner of other shenanigans. Laptops and butchers paper sprawled across benches, strewn amidst markers and pencils and a kilogram of jelly beans (the ones from the pharmacy because they’re the good ones, full of ideas for planting.

Workshop prep


Workshop sketches

Everything is better when you do it with others. Ideas are easier when there are people to share them with; bad ones uncovered before they leave a smell and good ones recovered before they hit the round filing cabinet of despair (aka the trash). We spent five hours staring at the problem, talking it over, cutting stuff out and putting it together in the wrong/right/wrong order as required.




At the end of those five hours it wasn’t resolved but that didn’t matter. There was an object sitting in front of us that was ugly, a little broken but its existence proved the idea was sound.


At the end of five hours we had the beginning of something old in the process of becoming something new and from there the possibilities, and are still, endless.

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