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Greedy Hen

In the lead up to their master class on tactile animation, we had a chat to Sydeny based animators, Katherine and Kate from Greedy Hen.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?
Greedy Hen is a multi-disciplinary studio functioning partly as an art collective and partly as a design studio, housing the collaborative works of Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell. We devise projects intent on creating imagery eluding to a playful black humour, unwritten fables, or subtle off-kilter sinister elements lurking amongst a kinder-esq beauty.

Our work falls between the boundaries of traditional fields. Our backgrounds are in Fine Arts and so the way we look at things, the way we talk about things conceptually is informed by that. We’re just a couple of Artists that happen to do a whole lot of things and get excited about a number of different mediums. we don’t like to limit ourselves with boundaries; we make art, we illustrate, we work in graphic design, we direct music videos, we make objects, we animate. basically we cover so many different areas it seems a little archaic and stuffy to put ourselves into a box.

But the great thing we’ve discovered about all this kingdom crossing is that for some reason it will always look like a Greedy Hen work no matter what medium.

How did you become interested in tactile animation?
The way that we make artwork is very collage heavy, so it seemed natural for us to make animation in the same way that we make our artworks. Animation is a really exciting way to realise concepts.  We also like seeing the handmade element in animation, as there is so much digital work out there and we’ve never really been interested in the cleanly rendered look of computer graphics.

What are your creative highlights, career to date?
We feel that our biggest creative highlight is that we’re still existing as Greedy Hen! It’s a challenge as a small business working in the arts industry and to survive but what we’ve realised is “beyond mountains, are more mountains”, so we just keep on keeping on.

What can participants look forward to in your upcoming master class at The Edge?
Our aim is to get participants really focused on the conceptual vision they want to demonstrate within their animation, so they can nut out and make their ideas into gold.  We also want to shine a light on some of our favourite artists who inspire our art practice. Demonstrate the various methods in which we work and to bring some old school equipment back into the limelight.

Do Edge users need any special skills to be involved?
If Edge participants have some knowledge of editing that would be useful but it’s not essential as we’ll walk through the whole process. Our style of animation is all about simplifying the processes back it’s bare bones. making movement frame by frame, back to the basics of early animation techniques and really trying to bring your own mark to what you make.

If those playing along at home want to know more about the sort of things that you do, where should they go to learn? Check out www.greedyhen.com , we’ll be sure to post a fun blog recap of the event afterwards.

Fast four:

First three tabs you open in a new browser window: I’m Revolting, VVORK, and Katherine’s scrappy internet findings blog

First mobile phone you ever owned: We used to call them “Lego phones” because they looked like a brick. And if you were being really expressive you could throw it against the wall and then simply put all the pieces back together and it would still work.

The one piece of technology you couldn’t live without: Kate says the iPhone, Katherine says the espresso machine.

Geekiest habit or hobby: Presently Katherine has fallen down the Pinterest pin hole, her username is Katherine Brickman  and Kate is a massive sucker for Instagram, her username is The Girl Crusoe.

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