Libraryhack winners announced

After more than 11 000 downloads of data made available by participating state and national libraries more than 150 entries were generated for the Libraryhack competition. Many of these entries will now be added to the collections of libraries across Australia and the National Library of New Zealand.

Of these 150 entries, the following winners were selected announced at the award ceremony hosted by The Edge:

National winners:
Application / data mashup – Michael Henderson for Talking Maps
Photo mashup – Andrew Young for Reflection of Time
Digital media mashup – Mark Bilandzic and John Howland for Glorious Image Viewer

Queensland winners (Sponsored by OPAL)
Application / data mashup – Sam Cavanagh for Conviz
Photo mashup – Andrew Young for Emu Racing
Digital media mashup – River Petein for Soldier of the willow meets the 16th battalion

NSLA library staff winners:
Neal Fitzgerald from State Library of Queensland for SLQ estate maps overlaid on Google Earth
Molly Tebo from State Library of Western Australia for Welcome to the future
Deborah White from State Library of New South Wales for Carved trees: their birth death and rebirth

Ideas prize – Diana Iles for Discovery

Prior to the award ceremony, guests were treated to an exhibition of entries from the competition, ranging from interactive installations and digital displays to a gallery of printed works.

The gallery of entries will remain on show at The Edge throughout July and until 1 August.

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