Living organisms, a secret room and a chair – Part 2


Peter, some people (well, actually most people!) may be wondering… why grow a chair made of fungus? Can you tell us a little bit about the back story, and is this something The Edge has tried before?


Well at least that is easier to answer than why a duck!

There are a couple of reasons for growing a chair. Firstly, making something functional using fungal mycelium and wood shavings epitomises the sustainability benefits of this technology. Nothing toxic, no expensive equipment or exotic ingredients required; and the end product is inherently biodegradable, so no waste problems. Plus, a chair is something everyone recognises, most everyone owns, and is widely used.

Other groups have made more exotic devices like a biodegradable drone, or simpler things, like bricks, or decorative objects like lampshades. But, making a mundane, useful object in an entirely new way hopefully illustrates the usefulness of biofabrication. It also demonstrates how these techniques can be applied now, in everyday life – growing a chair demonstrates the strength and flexibility of the material.

And, the final reason for choosing to grow a chair is that it has not been done at The Edge before. We like to push the boundaries and this is one way of doing just that.

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