#MadeToday: ‘Villa’ Laser Cut Illustration

I recently made this vector illustration ‘Villa’ of an impossible place I’d like to be. It has nonsensical architecture, a deck and a secluded location. After doing the digital illustration I thought a physical laser cut version with some depth and texture would be an interesting variation.

A Guest blog post by Mike Healy – Edge user and maker


Mike Healy

1) Digital Illustration 2) Laser cut pieces 3) Printed and glued result

The original was already a vector design so it seemed like a good piece to adapt for The Edge’s laser cutter which uses vector shapes for cutting and etching. To give the piece more depth and interest I decided to cut different parts of the illustration as different physical pieces, sitting at different heights, and re-assemble them rather than simply etch the whole design onto one piece.

I removed colour and detail from the original artwork and separated out the major components (interior etch, building, walls, deck, table and shrubs). I kept some of the detailing as etched areas.

Mike Healy

The laser cut piece was originally planned to be plain plywood as I quite like that material’s raw colour, but after cutting it lacked contrast, so I painted each element. Again I had thought I’d colour only some parts of the piece, but that looked out of place so in the end almost all of the illustration was painted. The laser cut version has a warmer ‘Spring’ colour scheme to contrast the original’s Winter feel.

It’s great having a facility like the Edge to provide the technology that lets me bridge the gap between fully digital and analogue techniques. I also found a lot of the laser cut and coloured design elements around The Edge to be an inspiration for this sort of work.

Mike Healy

Website: https://www.ultravulture.xyz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mike_hasarms/


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