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So I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and as I fight back the tears at the news of the demise of yet another of Brisbane’s great musical institutions I thought I would drop y’all a line.

On the environmental sustainability front, the lifecycle assessment project that I’m working on and will eventually turn into a workshop is progressing nicely. I’ve come across a organisation in London called ‘Julie’s Bicycle’ who have developed some great tools and methods for measuring and managing the environmental impact of theatre, music festivals and other events. Spewing I missed Catherine Bottrill’s appearance at Big Sound earlier in the year. Did anyone else catch this?

Right now I’m in the process of contacting creative organisations across Brisbane to see if and how they measure the environmental impacts of their projects. If you’d like to provide some feedback as part of this research please get in touch. I’m also running my first workshop here in a couple of weeks (nervous!) which will be a DIY seed-bombing session thoughtfully entitled ‘The S-Bomb’.

I’ll leave you with 2 things that have blown my mind in the last two weeks:

# 1- Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- ‘Scared Famous’  Whoah! This album is blowing my mind. It makes me feel a little scared when I listen to it and seasick for some reason. I find the music at times irritating yet contagious. Its been a while since music has moved me like this.

# 2- The work of Vanessa Harden. Some fantastic projects based on the environment and identity. I particularly love the Future Tents project.

Til next time….

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