Warren Handley

Warren Handley – Artist statement – 2010.     |     Website: www.ten-p-bag.blogspot.com

Warren Handley migrated to Australia from the southeast of England in 2005 and has been living in Brisbane ever since. He studied a bachelor of visual media majoring in fine art at QCA on the Gold coast and has since gone on to complete honours. Warren has exhibited work both in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast at exhibitions such as “Tiny Gold”, however most recently in Brisbane for the annual BEAF (Brisbane Emerging Art Festival) put together by Vegasspray.com.

Experimentation with both ideas and materials has always been a key component to Warren’s practice. Believing that creativity should not be limited to the use of a single medium, Warren’s practice is as varied as his interests, from mixed media assemblages, graphic design, to the making and live mixing of visuals for Brisbane’s underground club nights.

His latest series of digital works represent a shift in his practice where by the lack of physical studio space has channelled his experimentation into the use of digital mediums such as the laptop and scanner. Concerned with conceptualising space and materiality these often-abstract geometric compositions seek to visually explore the preconceived notions of space and tangibility.

“I am interested in how we perceive space and form. How from the macro scale right down to the micro, certain forms visually reoccur throughout the universe. Similar to this idea of space and materiality, I’m interested in experimenting with the visual paradox between imagery that is digital and geometric yet organic and raw. The actual process of digitising a physical piece of material via the use of a scanner further investigates the conceptual boundaries between the tangible and the digital.”

3 replies to “Warren Handley

  1. Dominique

    Warrens work is awesome.
    It makes the walls here at the edge look much cooler then they would be naked, and they exude ultimate street cred. I vote we leave them up for the rest of the year 🙂

  2. Warren

    Thanks for the kind words Dominique! Would love to do more stuff with you guys at the Edge!

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