Crowdfunded 3D Printers for The Edge

We’re under a month away from completing our first Pozible crowdfunding campaign, which will see 3D printers available for you to use at The Edge.

If this campaign is successfully funded it will create the first public resource of its kind in Queensland, you will be able to walk into The Edge, book a printer and put it to work on personal projects, experimental works, prototyping and anything in between.
If you are an artist, entrepreneurs or creator of any kind, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for your work.
At the moment over $6000 of the $9300 goal has been pledged, with just over 20 days remaining in the campaign. Pledges will not be converted to contributions until the campaign has met its fundraising goal.

To support the project you can contribute anywhere from $1 to $930, with a range of rewards matching each level of contribution (including priority booking to our intro and intermediate workshops – you all know how hard it can be to get into those!).

Every printer pledged to The Edge will be built through a socially inclusive training program, providing marginalised young people with an entry point into 3D printing technology. If you put $930 down on the table we will reward you with your very own personal 3D printer, to have and to hold for ever and ever.
For further information and to pledge to the Build a Rep Rap campaign, head to

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