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Hi! So this is my first post as the new ‘Hack’ Catalyst at The Edge. For two days a week for the next six months I’ll be working on things to hack, crack,warp and modify. This is going to be great because this is pretty much what I spend my life doing anyway…

So to kick off the next six months I thought I’d start investigating what we mean by hacking and how it applies to the world around us. Initial thoughts on the topic are to examine hacking consumer electronics, hacking in a sixth sense and hacking my head (not trepanning).

“What? No computer hacking?” I hear you cry? Well, there will be a Clever Convention on Online security and we are trying to track down a hacker, but as for the ‘Hacking Banks 101’, well, let’s just see how we go shall we?

In the ‘consumer electronics hacking’ area I will be investigating what devices are out there that can be hacked for fun and (feature) gain. We’ll also look at how to re-purpose things to provide low cost solutions to high(er?) cost problems. However, this may just turn into adding lasers to robots or making household appliances tweet…

I will also be looking to augment my normal five senses with some additional ones in the ‘hacking a sixth sense’ workshops. These are likely to be senses such as magnetic awareness (built in compass like birds), EMF, ultrasonic hearing and other ‘extra-sensory’ additions that can built around a small microprocessor for wear-ability and hook up to some kind of haptic feedback system.

The ‘Hack your head’ topic shall entail using various memory systems to increase my memory and fill my head with lots of (possibly useless) information. I’ll also be looking at speed reading and mental mathematics to see if the use of these techniques regularly over the next six months results into turning me into a some kind of super-brain. There is the distinct possibility that the combination of these things will cause my brain to either explode or dribble out my ears.

I’ll also try and hack my behavior through Cognitive Behavior Therapy to blog regularly, but this may be one of the hardest things I do this year….

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