Hack the Evening

Two of the best things about my job as Program Officer at The Edge are:

  1. Working with a variety of talented and interesting people and
  2. Finding solutions to technical problems using some of the great tools the Edge has on hand here.

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And this is why I look forward to, “Hack the Evening” every week. Hack the Evening is The Edge’s informal maker meetup. Every Thursday night from 5.30pm in The Edge basement, tinkerers, hackers, hobbyists, artists, makers and programmers meet up to chat and work on their own and collaborative projects. HtE punters show off new toys gadgets, come to get assistance with a project that’s got them stumped or to try out one of The Edge’s new tools or workshop prototypes that is in development.

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If you’re curious about The Edge’s makerspace but not sure where to start, come along to a free Hack the Evening meetup. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and start your journey in The Edge’s Fabrication Lab. You can also join the Hack the Evening Facebook group, and get involved in the conversation.

No registration or pre-booking is required.

For more information on the Fabrication Lab or to book your induction, visit edgeqld.org.au/fabricationlab.

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