Meet Dan Cook

Dan Cook is our new Hack Catalyst. He’s already causing trouble around the office (we now have a Daniel, Daniele, Daniel and Dan on the team), and proposing weird and wacky workshops (toy dissections, anyone?), but we’re looking forward to working with him over the Hack period. I sent through some questions to see if we could get a little goss and get to know him better.

What was your role before you came to The Edge? And before that? And before that?
Before The Edge I was a ‘Solutions Manager’ for a large video company, before that a Technical Production Manager for a government Arts venue, before that, Managing Director at D-Tek Industries manufacturing lighting/video convergence products based around my own patent, and before that a freelance international lighting technician touring the world with rock and roll bands!

Have you ever lived overseas? What were you doing? Travelling? Studying? Stowing away in the holds of a ship?
I’m from England originally and have been in Australia for eight years now. I was a victim of the great Australian conspiracy to send over the Australian women folk to bring back English gene stock. Kind of like an Australian multicultural Aryan race but with bad teeth and a penchant for Marmite.

Do you have a piece of advice or a motto that helps you make decisions in life?
Being the Hack catalyst I feel it should be something profound like “You don’t own it until you’ve hacked it’, but it’s probably more like “I’m just going to let my subconscious work on this while I do something fun instead…”

Do you have any hobbies or interests? Collections? Unusual ways you like to spend a Thursday evening?

I have been renovating a 1965 VW Beetle and turning it into an electric car, which has turned into a very long term project now that I’m also renovating my house and trying to raise two children! Ah, Priorities…. I also spend a lot of time tinkering with 3D printers, electronics, growing ridiculously hot chillies, building things and planning for the zombie apocalypse.

When you open your web browser what are the first three tabs you open up?

Wired, Geekologie and XKCD

Smartphone or snail mail? Either way, any favourite stamps or favourite apps?
Smart phone. I have a half dozen different email addresses so having them all in one place is good. Also paper waste annoys me as it doesn’t compost well when it’s UV laminated. I’m seriously considering booby trapping my letter box.

If you were to give me $10 I would spend it on 4 sets of 5 vibration motors from china for haptic feedback

If you were to give me $1000 I would spend it on a beat up ‘70’s Landrover Defender to turn into a zombie apocalypse escape vehicle.

Mac or PC? Both. At the same time.

Keep an eye on what Dan’s up to by following him on the blog.

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