Meet Eater

Plants need light and water to grow, right? Wrong.

At The Edge they also need love and attention. Any green thumb will preach the importance of doting care and consideration when it comes to the cultivation of flora, but such   advice always falls alongside the traditional contributions of sun,   water and nutrients.

Meet Eater takes those traditional elements away, replacing them with a want to be touched, a desire for social media interaction and the occasional need for quiet time. Meet Eater is a plant, but not one we’re used to. This plant is watered upon the receipt of physical interaction, when it makes friends on Facebook and when people write on its wall. Behind this project is the idea that by introducing both physical and virtual levels of interaction the plant is able to make the move from being an object to being a creature. A creature you can become friends with on the Internet no less. Meet Eater is rigged up with a system to register physical contact and social media interaction. Watering is triggered by human contact and nutrients are delivered when you start hanging out with it on Facebook. Of course the novelty of such a project could draw more attention than is desired. If the plant becomes over loved it will call for quiet time via the Facebook page, just as you or I would. But why does the Meet Eater thrive on such unconventional contact?

Creator Bashkim Isai has a desire to reestablish the connection between human beings and plants. By retrofitting the plant with feedback mechanisms we become able to make a connection in a way previously limited to more extroverted forms of life. Meet Eater is equipped with a voice so when you come down and stroke it you’ll hear it purr and if you try and force-feed it you’ll make it cough and splutter. That’s about all we know so far.

Our dear plant still young and knows little of its existence. Join Meet Eater’s journey of   self-discovery as it finds out who it is, where it’s from and all of those other lovely things that happen during adolescence.

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2 replies to “Meet Eater

  1. mindcontroll

    Imagine for a moment if this plant were a mouse, or a guinea pig, or a rabbit, or a cat, or a dog, or a chimpanzee. I can hear the public uproar (particularly as his/her condition degrades over time, as appears to be the fate of our (beloved?) Meet Eater. This would be deemed gratuitous cruelty to animals, subjecting one to a life of captivity, fed only by the whims of social media interactions and ‘real life’ visitations (which aren’t ‘real’ anyway, but some strange anthropomorphic contrivance which involves a plant purring… whaaaat? Is is a cat? What if it were?)

    Bashkim Isai desires for us to reestablish a connection between human beings and plants. This bold experiment in idiocracy simply reestablishes the dominant culture’s position as master above all forms of life including plants (like Meet), and the position of other forms of life as slaves to the whimsical desires of the human ‘eco-elite’. Is that the connection you wished to reestablish? If so, good job.

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