Meet our new Sound Resident, Daniel Bartos


Daniel Bartos is our new Sound resident. He’s arrived here in Brisbane from the Czech Republic (via Central America and Arnhem land) to complete his PhD in multimedia. On the side he will be joining us for six months to build and install Sound Extrusions, an organic sonic project combining porcelain crafting with sound design. We sat down for a chat to get to know Daniel a little better.

Can you give us a little glimpse into your background and where you inspiration comes from?

My current focus is on live electronic music blended with an electro-acoustic music. I was originally inspired by the electronic music from the end of 90’s; the new and emerging sounds of Bjork, The Prodigy and even Jimi Hendrix. From there a music technology course in London familiarised me with guitar pedals and tape echo machine building. I then learned C++ programing, and began to create virtual instruments such as a sitar sound string generator based on Karplus-Strong algorithm.  After a while I needed to switch from computers to totally physical music instrument and the Australian didjeridoo came as a natural choice for me. If you look at this instrument, it’s basically an incredible breath controlled synthesizer – playing it is also very addictive!

That was the first time I came to Australia, to see it for myself. My trip to Arnhem Land is another story on its own, but I came full circle few years ago when I started thinking about blending the MAX/MSP environment with my acoustic playing. I got into live electronic music, got inspired by multichannel setups and also had the idea to develop new instruments using porcelain material. From there it’s only a little step from contemplating multichannel installations and using porcelain in the process.

How long will you be at The Edge and what will you be doing?

The Sound Residency with The Edge gives me an incredible six months to work on the installation proposal. It’s pretty much a dream coming true! I have always wanted to be part of such a crazy and creative space with arty and hi-tech flavor. My residency proposal involves sound installation working with set of porcelain design speakers and real-time data sonification patch in MAX/MSP. It’s called Sound Extrusions and it’s basically about creating organic and living sonic element within the realm of the Edge community through visually appealing porcelain installation.

What was your role before you came to The Edge? And before that? And before that?

I’ve always done the things which inspired me, be it five months of private research into yidaki in Arnhem Land or exploring surfing in Central America. I have sound programing and CGI background – there was also a pretty cool job I had in Prague some time ago, that was being part of a digitalization team of Prague’s 18th century paper Langweil model. Another cool job? Probably watching out for satellites, while doing conservation job around North East Arnhem Land! Besides that I’m part of Griffith University as an PhD exchange student here in Brisbane at the moment, in a multimedia collaboration with FAMU (Film School in Prague).

In my spare time I like to… go surfing or cassowary tracking in Northern Queensland. I wouldn’t dare to bother those birds, no worries!

My favourite food is…European style fried potato pancakes, avocados – or sushi with lots of wasabi, of course! I made up new special dish lately: french crapes with avocado and honey (that’s a Brazilian influence, I heard about mixing avos with sugar so I had to give it a go!)

If you were to give me $10 I would spend it on… CD from a street musician… or some unknown tropical fruit from the West End markets!

If you were to give me $1000 I would spend it on… Probably on a sailboat trip to the Pacific islands, while recording the trip on underwater mics… 🙂

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