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Starting at The Edge as a Catalyst has definitely been one of the better first weeks you could imagine. An awesome bunch of people, a relaxed work environment. Oh, and 3D printers.

Usually when you sit down at your desk at a new job you will typically find a computer, a few pens, a draw full of assorted paper clips and maybe a stapler… if you’re lucky. Sure my desk has these things, but it also has a Cupcake CNC from MakerBot Industries and a freaking RepRap! They need of some TLC and a little programming persuasion, but I am hoping to get these puppies up printing over the next few weeks.

So if you happen to know how to get a RepRap Gen6 Electronics driver singing in RelicatorG, or if you have ever wanted to learn more about this fangmangdangled 3D printing stuff drop my a line on the twitters @clinton_freeman

5 replies to “Oh, and 3D printers

  1. Paul Liddy

    Hey clinton, hows the baby coming along ????

  2. Clinton Freeman

    Hi Paul, the Rep is rapping like it is 1986. Looking at starting to print out parts for it’s first baby printers. The cupcake is moving around nicely, but the new extruder is not behaving itself yet.

  3. nick mcgavern

    Finally the 3d printer is back on the menu!! Excited about this now!! I might just have to pop in soon.

  4. Paul Liddy

    Hey Clinton, I just posted about some competitions in “Share your ideas” – hope you might getb on board ?


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