PCB Making Fun

Last night at Hack the Evening we had a look at the latest in Printed Circuit Board printing technologies from this mob who have successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to create a direct-to-surface pcb conductive track printer. In short the printer prints PCBs out of almost anything. To show why this is a great thing, we also made some PCBs by hand, so I thought I’d pop up some before and after photos…

The design:

pcb design

The PCB..

pcb actual

While this was a purely decorative piece with no real function, we’ll look at putting together a proper useful PCB for the actual workshop.

Any thoughts on what it could do? PCB business card? Mini oscilloscope? Blinky light?


2 replies to “PCB Making Fun

  1. Clinton Roy

    is it good enough to try to make an rfid antenna?

  2. Cookie

    Yes! If you look at the top left you’ll see an antenna style track!

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