Quantified Self: The installation

I would like to get the interactive visualisation of my collected data up as quickly as possible. So it has to be quick and easy to put together, yet eye catching. The installation also be able to grow as the project does. I really want the installation to be up for as long as possible to increase the number of people who know about the residency.

Essentially, my solution is a fancy projection surface, relying fundamentally on the form of the Vitruvian man. I have created a silhouette of the Vitruvian man, combining both positions into one. There are three planes used as a projection surface, the body, the ring and the background. Note that I’ve tried to incorporate the original bounding circle and square into the final shape.


A projector will be placed in the back of the installation. The raw nubmers and graphs will be projected onto the back surface, while the visualisations of this data will be projected onto the body surface. The outer ring will be the interface, divided up into segments for each type of measurement I’m collecting.

The interaction with the interface will be done via a Leap Motion device, which allows hand gestures to drive the interface, up/down motions will rotate the selection bar, while left/right motions will turn a particular segment on and off. Once the measurements to be displayed are selected, the UI bar will turn into a date selector. Once the time span is selected, the data will be projected over the two surfaces.

At the moment I’m seeing it mostly being built out of clear perspex, with white tape for the projection surface, and black card to block projection over the raised areas. There are lots of questions, mostly around how deep I have to make it for it to be self standing.

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