Quantified Self: week one

I’m writing this on a plane to Perth after a complimentary wine, so this might blather on a bit. This week I got to grips with a few storage issues and started getting baselines for some of the data I wanted to track. I managed to muck up purchasing of two of my gadgets and discovered that the owner behind a third appears to be going out of business.

This week I started using the scales, the pedometer, the sleep monitor, and the much dreaded tape measure. I also started using a heart monitor, but as that gadgets article will show, I purchased the wrong one. Next week I hope to start tracking my food intake, probably by taking pictures with the mobile. I’ll also start logging my general mood, with a questionnaire. I’ll also hopefully upgrade my heart monitor and start tracking that as well, at least for sleeping. As mentioned earlier I’m travelling during the weekend, which presents some problems for the continuity of the project.

The Fitbit and tape measure travel quite well, though the fitbit, which is a wireless transmitter and thus must be switched off, has a rather odd way of being switched off: it must be connected to power in charging mode in order to be switched off. The sleep tracker is a tiny bit more cumbersome to carry, as it’s charging dock has to be taken as well. The scales, unfortunately, just aren’t very good as carry on.

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