Quantified Self: Week two

This week I continued with with my sleeping baselines, hopefully resolved the heart monitor issue, and started work on one of the deliverables of my residency: the interactive visualisation.

I have upgraded my heart monitor, hopefully to a model that actually can give the detailed logging I’m after; I’ll find out for sure tomorrow when I upload the data from the watch to the computer. I’d really like to get some baseline data of what my heart is doing during sleep, exercise and work.

Next week I aim to start measuring:

  • Some subjective things: how tired I feel in the morning and during the day.
  • What I’m eating.

I also need to look at another one of my deliverables, the publishing of health data. I’m happy with the format I’ve chosen, but I am yet to choose a backend to store the information. At the moment I’m leaning towards storing it as a simple file until it gets too large and I’m forced to store it in a proper way.

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