Behind the scenes: books and dead stuff

I apologise in advance for any incoherence throughout this post — today was a little bit crazy and at the time my brain matter felt like a packet of strawberry clouds, however now that I’m coming back down to dirty Earth it feels more like a box of used matches. But let me start from the top…

Today I tagged along on a photo shoot for the next two Clever Conventions which saw us visit both State Library and the Queensland Museum.

First up, Emily the photographer, Tegan and I took a trip up to the John Oxley Library Reading Room on the 4th floor of the State Library to take a few photos and get a sneak peak at some of their artist book collection. These art-books are fairly awesome and vary in size and age. There was one that took two people to manoeuvre and another that was 4000 years old. There was a Steam Punk E-reader and a book made from hundreds of fish. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to post here, but keep an eye on The Edge’s social media or better yet book yourself a ticket to the next Clever Convention (Curated Collections), which will be held in the John Oxley Library Reading Room on Tuesday, 8th October (book here).

After finishing up at the State Library we moved next door to the Queensland Museum where we got to go behind the scenes into some of their preservation rooms. It was unreal! It was probably around this point that my nasal passage begun filling up with my fizzing brain matter. While we waited for another group to finish up, we casually chatted to one of the staff there as she de-meated (for lack of a better term) a Bandicoot —  even their lab was enough to make me feel like I was on a primary school excursion. However the real awesomeness was in the next room, their catalogues of sorts, where the majority of their specimens were kept. In here we got to see all kinds of preserved animals and skeletons. Peacocks, armadillos, dry wretch-inducing rattle snakes and all other types of preserved creatures were inside. Cue childish wonder.


This is Albert. He is my BFF.

Elephant Skull

An elephant and I having an ‘elluva time.

And finally, the Pièce de résistance — none of us were prepared for this. I think I let out something between joy and terror.


…it’s too much to bear.

What do we think? An Attenborough in the making?


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