Block Battle Bots

The Block Battle Bots tournament will take place during Fun Palace on 6 October 2018 at State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane, Australia, Earth, The Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy. The winner will be crowned the Galactic Champion and will walk away with a super awesome Battle Bot Kit worth $100.

To build a robot and test its…mettle, sign up for the three-part workshop series!

Galactic Block Battle Bot Championship Federation Laws

• Bot teams will have 2–4 members
• Battles will be 2 and 3 minutes long
• Winner determined by three judges or by knockout (disabled)
• The judges’ rulings are always final
• Block Battle Bots will be built using Lego and the equipment and components below. Limited amounts of 3D printed and laser cut parts are allowed (see below)
• Limited amounts of rubber bands, string and similar if used for energy storage, tyres, control lines or similar
• No reinforcing allowed!

List of components
• Official ‘Brick Bot’ LEGO kit, 1,274 assorted pieces
(pieces can be shared or traded with other teams at the team’s discretion)
• Official Battery Pack
(Currently: 11.1v, 450mAh LiPo, weight approx. 40g)
• Official Electronics Pack
(Pre-programmed with Open Source Code Base, weight approx. 20g)
• Choice of official motor options
• Robot Remote
(Currently clone PS3 controller)
• Limited access to laser cutter, chassis plans and one (1) A4 sheet of 3mm acrylic
• Access to 3D printers and 200g of filament
(only 100g allowed in the final build).

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