iStreet Skills xChange rolls into Inala

The iStreet Skills xChange is a pilot project which aims to provide digital, social and literacy skills to disadvantaged Indigenous young people within their communities.

The project centres around the iStreet Lab, an ingenious mobile multimedia tool box built into a 240-litre wheelie bin built by international resident, mervin Jarman. The iStreet Lab, designed as a mobile production hub and training resource, contains a suite of high-end laptop computers, video and stills cameras, music recording equipment, an Xbox, projector, printer and scanner, all run off a battery and invertor.

The Lab supports a crew of young Inala locals, aged between 15 and 25. Some, like brothers MC Murriz and singer songwriter Hayden Maurirere, are emerging artists with a background in the creative arts. Others, like Dre and Terii had never before had the opportunity or inspiration to consider a career in media making.

As Hayden explains, the iStreet Lab represents a new future for many of its crew. “I grew up with nothing; I was bored and did bad things. I want to give kids a chance to have a different life.” Hayden is keen to use the Lab and the equipment that it offers to teach a new set of skills to the local Inala youth. “I never thought a chance like this would come; it’s really opened my eyes to new stuff.”

The Lab is also a point of pride for its young users. “I’ve told everyone in Inala already,” says Terii. “I told my brothers they didn’t believe me. I took a photo and showed him, and still didn’t believe, so I brought him here and that changed his mind.”

When he was younger Terii was a keen photographer. The gear in the iStreet Lab has given him the opportunity to reignite his passion and begin to pursue it with purpose and support. “When I carry that camera around I feel changed, and I want people to know what I can do.”

Join mervin and the crew as they celebrate with the Inala community at the launch of this inspiring project. Bring your mates and head on down to the Inala Civic Centre. Try your hand at being a DJ for a day, have a chat to the crew and see what the iStreet Lab can really do.

When: 3pm, 26 October
Where: Inala Civic Centre, Inala Avenue, Inala
This project is sponsored by Commonwealth Bank Australia, QUT and Juniper Networks Foundation. For more information on the project, see the project page.

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