Will you survive the apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse

The Edge’s annual Zombie Apocalypse is back for a curtain call and it’s just dying for the company of night-crawlers like you.

Life as we know it is no longer. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us; it’s humans vs. zombies in an alternate reality, 12-hour showdown.

From dusk til dawn the entire Edge building will be transformed into a battle stadium. The two teams, humans and zombies, will take their stations and the game will unfold. There will be missions, show downs, and very little sleep.

The whole game will be live streamed by dozens of cameras throughout the building. This will be an immersive experience like no other.

If you can drag yourself down to The Edge in Brisbane on 8-9 December, there are two ways to play:

As a human
Your challenge is to make it to dawn with your humanity intact. Along the way you will be called on to protect your team, test your metal against physical, technological and mental challenges, and above all, remember the rules. Rule One: Cardio. Rule Two: The Double Tap…

Only 12 humans will be successful in entering the game. They will be chosen for their bravery, their cunning and their knowledge of the enemy.

Think that sounds dead easy? Apply to play as a human.

As a zombie
Do you walk funny? Have you lost your ability to speak? Do you wander the earth at night seeking human flesh? It’s not easy being one of the un-dead; when living beings run away from you and your inner circle of friends is limited.

Fortunately, your night has come. The Zombie Apocalypse is reliant on creatures like you, the more, the scarier in fact.

Don’t let this opportunity eat at you, sign up to play as a zombie.

3 replies to “Will you survive the apocalypse?

  1. Sam

    Was that a trick question? There’s no WAY I’m going to survivor the zombie apocalypse. I’ll give it a shot though.

    • Sam


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