IRL Festival Wrap-up

It started as a conversation late last year with Kris and Marnie at the Brisbane Powerhouse, how it would be awesome for our two buildings to play together. And so, over the past ten days The Edge was a part of the IRL Digital Festival.

You might have seen it? Giant Space Invaders, giant sliding puzzles (giant was a recurrent theme) stain glass windows, an audio journey of Player 1/Player 2 throughout gaming history and things to play. Thousands of people – from what I saw and I was there a lot – explored what was on offer and got their game on. It was The Edge out in the wild, it was glorious and it would be awesome if we – by which I mean me – could claim all the credit. That’s what you’re meant to do… right?

As much as I would like to, I can’t. This has been the work of a lot of people; staff, uber-producers, coders and the community members who gave generously of their time. The rollcall of these people can be found below.

These people were designers, coders, hovercraft makers and all manner of creatives. This is our – The Edge’s – opportunity to say thank you to these people for gouts of enthusiasm, shenanigans in exchange for an experience, gratitude and pizza. There were late nights, long weekends, more than a little freaking out – that would be me freaking out a little – and a race to the very live deadline of a public exhibition. For many of these community members it was their first time creating works for an exhibition, and to reiterate the outcomes were amazing.

On a personal note, there is something about working with community to create that is awe inspiring. Seeing people create, not know how difficult what they’re seeking to achieve truly is, but reaching for it is a big part of what keeps me doing what I do. We hadn’t done this in a while at The Edge and the IRL Digital Festival reminded me that it is what we should be doing and what we will be doing.

Because, unlike me stealing undue credit this is what The Edge does.

Without further preamble, the people involved were…

  • The watchful, organisational eye of the Edge’s A/Creative Manager Mick Byrne
  • The uber-producers Marianna Shek and Sarah Winter (Player One/Player Two)
  • Coder Extraordinaire and fabricator Nathen Street (Enter the Mashup)
  • The writing team of Tara Brown, Angela Hibbard, RJ Miso & Victoria Posner (Player One/Player Two)
  • The visual design team of Richard Lee, Caitlin McGowan, Leila Watson, Brian Dinh, Craig Bentick, Stacy Field, Gregory Davis, Tara
  • May Flynn, Bob Dobson and Jessica Fay (Player One/Player Two)
  • The film making facilitation of Angus Macleod (Enter the Mashup)
  • The film making skills of Tatjana Hamilton, Sonal Patel, Joan Mok, Joe Fernando, Arwin Sahar, Bethany Watt & Bertrand Dungan (Enter the Mashup)
  • The patience, professionalism and support of the Brisbane Powerhouse

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