More inductions, more access and the highly anticipated CNC

We’ve added 30 more seats to our Laser Cutter inductions for March, set new ‘Open Lab’ times for 2017 giving you more access to the equipment, and we’re launching the CNC inductions! It’s a good month!

First things first. More Laser Cutter inductions! We’ve added an extra three inductions into the March schedule – that’s an extra 30 seats than normal, and we’ll continue to add more inductions each month while the demand is there. If you miss out this time, please let us know, so we can make an assessment on how many more to run in the coming months. Send us an email here.



Next on the list, is access to the Fabrication Lab through our scheduled hours of Open Lab. After a trial-run of new hours late last year, we’ve reviewed the use and feedback and have set new hours for 2017.

Weekly Open Lab hours

  • Tuesday 12-8pm (drop-in use only, no online bookings)
  • Wednesday 12–6pm
  • Thursday 12–6pm (Hack the Evening commences from 5.30pm)
  • Saturday 12–6pm

If Open Lab is new to you, let’s take a step back…

What is Open Lab?

Open Lab at The Edge is when the Fabrication Lab and Makerspace is open to the community. We offer set times each week, where you can access quality, professional equipment like a Laser Cutter, 3D printers (we have many and in different formats), CNC Router, Sewing Machines and Overlockers, Soldering Stations, Tool Shop and general work benches.

The space is fit for all types of projects, assignments, prototypes, experiments, business ideas and any creation that needs space and/or access to professional equipment.

Along with the equipment and space we also offer great minds! Whether it’s chatting to the experienced Lab staff to obtain a cleaner etch on the Laser Cutter, or troubleshooting a poor cast from a 3D printed model – we have great minds and we like to share what we know.


Read more about the Fabrication Lab online, call The Edge on 3842 9400 or drop in during any Open Lab session or Hack the Evening meetup and chat to the staff – we’re more than happy to introduce you to the space.


And lastly… the CNC Router.

After some testing and training, the CNC Router is up and running! From today we open bookings for the CNC Router inductions, and then add it to our list of equipment available to book during Open Lab. You don’t need any prior experience on a CNC to attend an induction, we’ll run you though the safety requirements and how to use the software. Each time you book the CNC thereafter, there will always be a Lab Supervisor right there with you.




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