APDL pop-up library at The Edge

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Design inspiration comes in all forms, so we’ve curated a selection of Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL) design books for your reading pleasure when you visit the Digital Media Lab at The Edge.

Browse from APDL’s pop-up library during December and January. There will also be information on how you borrow books at State Library of Queensland and become a fully-fledged card carrying member!

One of the many books on display is Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design (Portfolio Skills) by Bjarki Hallgrimsson. Building prototypes and models is an essential component of any design activity. This book provides a comprehensive modern prototyping approach which is part of making informed design decisions, and forms a strategic part of a successful designer’s toolkit.

Another book, for the fashion designers among us, is Fashion Print Design: From the Idea to the Final Fabric by Ángel Fernández and Daniela Santos Quartino. It is a beautiful guide to modern print design that will appeal to the serious designer. The collections provide a straightforward account of the development of the most influential print styles in high fashion around the world today.

Look for the pop-up library in the Digital Media Lab until 21 January 2017.

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