A Cabinet for Unexpected Life

In response to the little unexpected infestations that have occurred in the basement since starting my project, I have decided to produce a work that comments on the unanticipated discoveries that often occur when working with living organisms. Tentatively titled, A Cabinet for Unexpected Life, the work will most likely consist of a furniture installation incorporating documentation of the mould contamination that spread through the kombucha and into my plant cultures, as well as living cultures of pond life and fruit flies.

In preparation for the development of this work, I have started to set up some actual fruit fly cultures. The initial fruit fly colony established itself in some minced beetroot I was using to produce plant paints. They were really thriving for a while, but I have decided to select a more established medium to maintain them.

After trawling the web for ideas, I have made up two preliminary types of fly food based on recipes from The Bug Farm :

Recipe #1:

2 x bananas, 2 x cup rolled oats, 1 cup water, 2tbsp vinegar (to reduce mould growth), 1 tbsp sugar and a pinch of yeast

Recipe #2:

6 x tbsp instant mash, 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 x pinch of yeast

I will add more information about the success of each recipe. Let’s hope the flies like their new food.

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