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First batch of propagated skin cells

So whilst Fringes Catalyst, Svenja Kratz, travels Northern Europe expanding her bio-arts practice and research, I am continuing to develop the My Cells music video project. Scientist Annette Spierings, and I will be working at IHBI (Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation) next Monday to harvest another range of skin and blood cells for propagation. The initial cell propagation involved pulling out about 100-200 hairs from the root around the hairline (thanks Svenja for stepping in there…)


Initial cell propagation at the IHBI labs

As hair growth slows with hair length, the skin cells from hair follicles of shorter hair are more viable than longer hair. My hair is relatively long, resulting in weaker cell growth; Svenja’s hair is cropped short and had remarkably higher cell division with her earlier propagations. Next Monday we will be propagating new batches of cells for imaging for the final cut of the My Cells music video. By keying the green screen (see more on the green screen shoot here) the footage of the cell propagation is incorporated into the music video. I will post an excerpt of the video shortly, as I edited the clip for its preview at The Edge Sound Select live event.



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