DNA Jewellery

Pendant with green bean DNA.

Pendant with green bean DNA.

The DNA jewellery workshop is going ahead again this weekend.  This workshop will show participants how to extract DNA from different materials using common household materials including salt, detergent and rubbing alcohol.  The workshop will also include an overview of key terms and some interesting info about DNA — paticularly how little we still know about the complex interconnections between genes, heredity and environment.  So not only will participants gain knowledge, they will also walk away with a DNA jewellery piece.

Our jewellery supplies arrived this week and we are super excited about offering a few different options for people.  Participants will now be able to choose from two necklace designs but there is also a pretty darn snazzy key ring option for anyone less inclined towards jewellery.

At present the workshop is sold out, but if there is enough interest, we will most likely run it again in the near future.  You can also add your name to the waiting list and The Edge will contact you if a place becomes available.

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    • svenja

      Hi Gabrielle,

      The workshop was on Sunday (14/4/13). It booked out really quickly, but hopefully we will run it again in the near future 🙂

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