Gadget: Tape Measure

Probably the most important, and yet the lowest tech gadget that I’ve got is the humble tape measure.

The obvious things to measure is my girth, particularly my pot belly, but I’ll also be taking some measurements of my chest, hips, legs and arms for completeness.

Intra-organ fat kills, and on males, that fat concentrates around the stomach region, making it relatively easy to measure. I’m going to be measuring my non favoured leg and arm, assuming that I’ll have less muscle there and more fat.

I think it’s important to get consistency with the measurements, which is best done by measuring over particular anatomical landmarks, and measuring frequently. I don’t need to measure it every day, but I figure if I get into a routine with it, it won’t matter if I miss a few days here and there.

I’m using a Google form to submit the data, which means I can use a tablet, laptop or phone to submit the data wherever I am. Once submitted, the data goes into a Google spreadsheet. From there, the data can be easily exported as CSV and imported into my overall dataset.

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